AgStandard Almonds Matcha 9 OZ
AgStandard Almonds Matcha 9 OZ AgStandard Almonds Matcha 9 OZ
$ 8.99 / 9.0 oz
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AgStandard Almonds Matcha 9 OZ are the essence of a perfect matcha snack. Very lightly roasted and dusted with single origin Japanese matcha, these almonds have a perfect balance of light sweetness and traditional herbal notes. Matcha lovers are sure to be delighted by AgStandard Almonds Matcha unique combination of almonds and matcha!

Verified: Non-GMO, Gluten Free, Kosher, Vegan, Soy Free, Oil Free, California Grown

Ingredients: Almonds, Matcha Green Tea, Organic Unrefined Cane Sugar (<1g).

In recent years, almonds have become synonymous with healthy snacking because they are packed with nutrients such as protein and dietary fiber.  Try the delicious ranch spice flavor in these almonds whether at home or on the go!  The perfect snack in the perfect snack size.

AgStandard’s almonds can be traced directly to the lot that they were farmed from in California’s fertile Central Valley. Their almonds are wood smoked in their kitchen in Los Angeles using real almond wood and perfectly seasoned with locally sourced high-quality spices and freshly dried herbs. AgStandard NEVER add ANY artificial flavors, additives, refined sugars or preservatives and are low in saturated fat. Each serving delivers 6 grams of protein in under 200 calories for the perfect healthy snack to help you along your hike, get through the long day at the office or simply enjoy with friends.

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