Aged Butchery Thai Sai Oua Sausages 2ct - Milk and Eggs
$ 14.99 / 0.67 lb / ea

Aged Butchery Northern Thai Sai Oua sausages are made from Pork that are Heritage breed. Sai oua is a northern Thai sausage made from minced pork mixed with a variety of ingredients which makes it packed with flavor, and gives it a unique scent. Heritage breeds have distinct characteristics that allows the flavor of the meat quality of the meat to be untouched by the industry standards. Studies have also shown that pasture raised pigs provide healthy monounsaturated and saturated fats as well which are amazing for cooking and baking.

Aged Butchery is a growing presence and role model in the LA butcher shop industry. Their company promotes a more sustainable, responsible, pasture raised, beyond organic meat industry. The beef is 100% grass fed, non-GMO, no antibiotics and hormone free.

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