A2 Milk 1% Low Fat 59oz
A2 Milk 1% Low Fat 59oz A2 Milk 1% Low Fat 59oz
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A2 Milk 1% Low Fat contains all the goodness of whole milk, but with less fat. This is the natural choice for people who prefer milk products that are low in fat, but still have all the goodness of whole milk. Ordinary cows’ milk contain a mix of both A1 and A2 proteins. Yet, only A2 Milk comes from cows selected to naturally produce only A2 protein and no A1 – and that makes all the difference. Independently published research support that the A1 protein in ordinary cows’ milk might cause discomfort in some of us. If that’s you, A2 Milk may help. But for the unique benefits of A2 Milk to work it needs to be the real deal – true A2 Milk, from cows that naturally produce only the pure A2 protein and none of the A1. A2 Milk 1% Low Fat is perfect in milkshakes, coffee, on cereal, in cooking, or simply on its own.


  • Pure A2 Protein
  • From cows not treated with growth hormones or rBST
  • No Antibiotics
  • From farms are certified by Validus, a leading independent animal welfare auditor

Ingredients: Nonfat Milk, Milk, Vitamin A Palmitate, Vitamin D3.

Back in 2000, The a2 Milk Company was founded in New Zealand by Dr Corran McLachlan after an amazing discovery; While studying at Cambridge University, Corran learned that proteins in milk affect people differently. He learned that ordinary cows produce milk with different beta-casein proteins, called A1 and A2. He then discovered there was a safe and simple way to identify cows who produced milk that was naturally A1 protein free. From there The a2 Milk Company was born. He further discovered that, originally, all cows produced only the A2 protein type and no A1 (the A1 protein emerged later through modern farming practices in European herds and then spread throughout the world). Research over the years demonstrates that people who have discomfort when drinking ordinary cows’ milk were able to drink the a2 Milk brand without the downsides. That’s because a2 Milk contains only the A2 protein and no A1. Today, The a2 Milk Company’s mission remains the same: to pioneer the scientific understanding of the A2 protein type so more people can enjoy the nutritional goodness that only comes from real cows’ milk.

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