Our Goal: Connecting Good People with The Best Foods. 

  How we operate!

Grocery Delivery Model

  1. You place order online
  2. Farms deliver to our SAW (Sorting & Aggregation Warehouse)
  3. Driver (Emissary) heads to our SAW in the morning
  4. Picks up deliveries
  5. Drops off deliveries in the morning (delivery as soon as 24 hours)
  6. Happy customer with Better Foods for Better Health! And saved a trip to the store!

Service Area for Los Angeles & Orange County

 We currently service the Los Angeles and Orange County . More service coming soon! (Last update 2/1/2019)

How we are better & Why you should buy from us!

  1. Our produce & foods goes fresh from farms & foodmakers to you. Fresher foods = better health!
  2. Prices are always low because there is never any waste, inventory, middlemen, complicated distribution centers, or large stores with real estate. Check out the Price Comparison
  3. More environmentally friendly. Help the earth save on the carbon foot print of driving to the stores (see below). 
  4. Order once or subscribe to get weekly or bi-weekly. Subscriptions can be updated, paused, or changed at anytime. Save on the process of ordering, buying, and picking up groceries. 

Try Subscriptions for Groceries

Gain back control of your time & groceries by subscribing to weekly or bi-weekly deliveries of what YOU need. Subscriptions can be modified, changed, paused, or adjusted at anytime. How to manage Subscriptions

Grocery Delivery is Eco Friendly! 

Save the planet! Let us deliver your groceries to you! There's a lot of research that goes into the numbers, but simply put, our drivers have a more efficient route than individual grocery pick ups. Potentially save up to 80-90% on carbon emissions! This is only true for aggregated deliveries, 1 trip many deliveries. Help us save the planet! Original article here

Including our environmentally conscious packaging with minimal plastic bags and re-usable insulated bags, we are able to be a 0% waste delivery method. With this we are able to both have less carbon footprint and have less impact on landfills. 

Our Quest for Zero! 

This represents our commitment to the earth and environment we live in. Our "Quest for Zero" can be separated into several initiatives with the goal of minimizing all aspects of our daily consumption. More about our logistics on our about us page. 

Some parts of our Quest for Zero are:
Quest for Zero Food Waste
Food waste is a huge unfortunate part of any food business. In addition, a small percentage of food is imperfect. Our goal is to make sure all food goes to good use by donating to local food banks to help and support the community and less fortunate. 

Quest for Zero Trash / Waste
All our orders utilize minimal packaging and reusable insulated delivery bags. You will never get a large box filled with ice packs and insulation. In addition, we request that customers leave the bags out for us to pick up on their next order so that they can be re-used. And lastly, the plastic bags we use are special designed environmentally friendly and biodegradable. So they won't ever pollute or cause harm to animals or wildlife. 

Quest for Zero Carbon Delivery
The vision is to have all orders delivered from our SAW to your door with ZERO emissions, leaving a zero carbon footprint. 

Quest for Zero Carbon Agriculture
Agriculture has a carbon footprint as well. The improvement of heavy machinery and minimizing transport distances lessen the overall impact of carbon emissions. By being local, we minimize the amount of carbon emitted by transportation and logistics. More about our logistics on our about us page. 

Why 30 hours for delivery? 

Depends on how you look at it. We could be asking the same thing. "Why 3 weeks?" for grocery stores and the traditional food retailers. Comparing the traditional supply chain to Milk and Eggs', there is a drastic difference, but most of it happens behind the scenes, unbeknownst to most consumers. 

It's analogous to fast food restaurants having a "made to order" messaging, but it's still fast food. The same can be said for current grocery supply chain, yes you can buy it immediately, but it's still at least 3 weeks old.

Having said that, we are working on way to shorten this chain even more allowing for delivery of some products within just a few hours. Please stay tuned as we release updates and continually improve flow and supply chain with our vendors and operations.