Change The World - Giving Back (Social Entrepreneurship) 

There is so much in this world that is good. And there is so much that could be better. Change the world to us means, giving back to where things could be better. But really, it's more than just "could be better", it should really be where it "needs to be better". 

It's important to give back. It is a way of demonstrating our value to society and is a direct correlation to our contribution to society, above and beyond the state of thriving. It's not just thrive to survive, it's thrive and survive to support others. It's about expanding your ability to not only improve your own life, but improve the lives of others. 

And what better way to contribute than to give food. It's the purest form of contribution. It cannot be diluted, siphoned, or misappropriated and 100% of it goes to where it is needed.  And the quality of food that is donated is very important. Donating soda and junk food, although voluminous and tempting, is unhealthy and doesn't improve the nutritional needs of the homeless. We try to help by donating fresh fruits and vegetables at close to peak ripeness to improve the health and lives of the recipients. change the world - giving back

Here at Milk and Eggs we make a commitment to donate up to 20% of our food to local food banks and charities. Being located in the heart of downtown LA, where homelessness is the highest in all of Southern California, we are perfectly situated to have a social impact on our surroundings and where it's needed most. 

We believe in affecting and changing the "world" you live in. That world can be the entire globe, like in global warming, but for many people it can be as small as the neighborhood they live in. That is their entire world. And by changing one neighborhood at a time, we're changing the world little by little where it counts. We're raising the level of beingness for these people so that they can get back on their feet and become a member of society again. As they say "Fighting Hunger. Feeding Hope". 

Once a week, pallets of fresh food are donated to food banks for meal preparation for the needy and homeless. Everything is in good condition and readily available to prep and cook. 

If we all chip in, we can make this a better world for all of us!