Our Goal: Connecting Good People with The Best Foods. 

Our goal is to connect customers to great farmers. Customers can order once or sign up for subscriptions of milk, eggs, dairy, meats, vegetables, and fruits on a weekly or bi-weekly basis. Delivery is FREE and orders can be changed anytime. All vegetables, fruits, dairy, eggs, and meats will be the freshest available, be locally acquired. And with our environmentally friendly aggregation and delivery system, it’s a win for you and the environment.

All our products are sourced from local growers or aggregators. We will procure all products locally when possible. If not available due to seasonality, they will still be procured through a local aggregator. Get it fresh, get it local.

The world and environment we live in in important to all of us. It's all of our responsibility to do what we can to help and save it. Our delivery system allows for a minimal carbon footprint, up to 80% less than customers going to the grocery store themselves. One emissary (driver) can deliver many orders in 1 efficient trip, saving on both emissions and the environment; not to mention saving you time. And with our minimal packaging and reusable bags, we are close to a 0% waste delivery vessel. 

Los Angeles, has been our home for our lifetimes. And we are launching in Los Angeles, CA because we love it here! And want to contribute, promote, and support our community. LA will always be where our hearts are, even as we expand. 

All overage or waste are donated to local food banks and charities. With our streamlined operations, we have very little overage or waste. But growers and farmers will sometimes have product that we deem not sell-able to you, as benefactor. All of those products are donated to local food banks and charities that better our community. Again holding true to our 0 waste belief. 

More information about how it works and areas we serve.

We’re here to help and make your life better with high quality foods, at great prices, delivered to your door.