Why You Should Buy Local Produce

Why You Should Buy Local Produce

You might have heard that buying local produce is good - but why and how? First of all, when food is local, there is less travel time meaning there is shorter farm to table time. The produce is more fresh, contributing to better quality products. If you value fresh food and want to support your local companies and farmers, buying foods locally is a great option. 

Locally grown food is at it's best quality. 
The crops are picked at it's peak ripeness rather than being harvested early because of long shipping and distributing times. Most likely, the produce was handpicked 24 hours within of your purchase. Products are shipped in by nearby farms. 

Local means more seasonal produce. 
The best time to consume certain fruits and vegetables would be during it's peak harvest season. That is when the produce is full of flavor and better quality than ones that travel far distances and are picked before ripe. For example, tomatoes, zucchini and squash are in season during the summer! So stock up while you can from ordering directly from Milk & Eggs

Lower prices.
Since the foods are traveling a shorter distance, the farmers can sell their products for a lower price while still providing the best quality! 

Safer foods.
You know where your food comes from. Local farmers are not anonymous - they take their produce seriously and want to provide the best products to their consumers. Also, the less steps there are between getting the food from the farm to your table - the higher the food safety. 

Supporting your local community.
The money spend is reinvested with businesses in your community. You are helping ensure a food supply in your community. This helps with food security as well! 

This bowl is filled with the freshest produce in the LA area. I love purchasing my foods from Milk & Eggs because they always deliver me delicious, nutritious and quality produce! 

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