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Why Healthy Food is an Investment in Yourself

Why Healthy Food is an Investment in Yourself

Growing up we’re often told the adage “you are what you eat.” Which is why when I first began using Milk & Eggs I must have been 15LBs of Doritos and chinese take-out. I look back at this time and mark it through my depression, my sluggish energy levels, and overall pissed-off disposition from my broken out skin. In a cycle, I was stuck feeling overwhelmed by going to the grocery store so I would resort to ordering in food-- then I would feel disappointed in myself for my food choices and my body, and it would begin again.

I had allowed my life to spiral, where I was trapped in a loop of destructive behaviors that robbed my body of nutrients it needed to be a productive member of society. In short, I wasn’t taking care of myself and putting the right fuel into me.

Although Milk & Eggs wasn’t the cure for my depression it eliminated one of the first things keeping me back from investing in myself: actually getting up and going to the grocery store. The task had always seemed daunting to me, when in reality it would have been an act of self-care. I decided to order myself a Farmer’s Sampler Pack along with some other healthy options on a particularly bad day because the idea of having to get into my car, battle LA traffic, and sit in line.

Usually, when I buy fresh produce at the grocery store I would convince myself that they could still be fresh in a few days, and continuously put off using them. This time, when that yellow bag appeared on my doorstep, I was determined to not only use all the vegetables but to cook them into delicious and nutritious meals. For me, investing in healthy food meant I was going to try and reinvest in myself and my happiness.

Surprisingly, the transition was easier than I had expected. Although it was difficult to fight my urge to pick up my phone and order pizza on the days that were tough, I found it cathartic to cook for myself. Using all the fresh ingredients I had received, I made quinoa bowls, tuna salads, and steak & asparagus all in the course of a week (which, admittedly, is more cooking than I had done in months). Knowing I was putting fresh and locally-sourced food into my body reminded myself that I was worth taking care of in all aspects.

Although I was cooking and feeling better physically, other aspects of my life were getting slightly easier as well. I found that I was able to sleep better, and was remembering little details such as drinking enough water each day. In a way, deciding to cook for myself reminded me that I was squandering some of my health and joy just by neglecting my body and what I was fueling it with.

When I was done with my entire order, I felt accomplished. Not only had I achieved something I personally wanted to accomplish in the short-term, I had kick-started something that I will continue to carry for the rest of 2018: the knowledge that healthy meals are possible, even when you feel like its too much of a hassle to step out into the world.

Although I consciously know that a food delivery service can’t cure depression or instantly make you a better person, I do know that Milk & Eggs gave me a solution to a problem that seemed like a mountain at the time. When a service allows you to be easier on yourself in a time where nothing needs to be complicated.

At the end of the day, Milk & Eggs empowered me to believe in myself and my abilities to care for myself. The old adage is, you can’t love others until you love yourself-- well the same could be said for your relationship with your body-- you can’t love each other until you realize you’re worth the effort and nourishment. The better you put into your body, the better you feel, and a direct result of this is that you end up feeling better about yourself.

Source: Shawn Binder

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