We Love Noosa Yoghurt!

We Love Noosa Yoghurt!


Noosa is a delicious, thick and creamy yoghurt made made with whole milk and all natural ingredients with a touch of wildflower honey on local dairy farms in Colorado. As a simple irresistible indulgence, noosa is addictive and leaves you wanting more. noosa is a brand that is refreshingly honest and genuinely charismatic while also having insanely good taste and being naturally delicious. noosa is unlike any other yogurt brand in the market. There's yogurt, then there's noosa.


Noosa yoghurt is a unique combination of sweet and tart taste plus a thick, velvety texture – unlike any other yogurt on the market today. It’s made in small batches on a family farm in Colorado with wholesome ingredients: all-natural whole milk from happy cows, fresh fruit purees – made using the ripest, juiciest fruits and a tough of wildflower honey.


Last summer, noosa launched a brand new lineup of mix-in-style yoghurts – noosa mates. But unlike any yoghurt brand, noosa does things its own way. noosa mates pairs thick, velvety noosa yoghurt with high-quality, premium toppings like crunchy granolas, nuts, pretzels and chocolates to create a satisfying taste for any time of day.

Banana Chocolate Peanut
Banana made its long-awaited noosa debut in a tasty way. noosa’s banana blended yoghurt is accompanied by generous chunks of Guittard dark chocolate, crispy banana chips and roasted, salted peanuts. Mix it all together for a sweet and salty treat that’ll bring joy to your spoon.

Coconut Almond Chocolate
Creamy coconut noosa paired with Guittard dark chocolate chunks, toasted coconut crisps and a hearty dose of almonds for a sweet, slightly tangy bite that’s sure to delight.

Honey Cranberry Almond
noosa’s classic honey yoghurt is complemented by crunchy granola, juicy cranberries, roasted almonds and pepitas for this sweet, satisfying combination.

Honey Pretzel Peanut
noosa’s velvety honey yoghurt is paired with Guittard dark chocolate chunks, crunchy pretzel bites and honey roasted peanuts. Get a little bit of everything on your spoon and invite your taste buds on a salty-meets-sweet flavor adventure that’s sure to satisfy.

Maple Ginger
Maple has made its way into the noosa family and is joined by its best mate, ginger! Blended maple flavored greets crunchy granola, gingersnap streusel and candied ginger for a taste you have to experience to believe. This pairing is ready to be discovered by your spoon.


This yoghurt is (family) farm fresh. To us, quality and taste is everything and we set out to make the most delicious yoghurt for our fans. We produce noosa on a family-owned dairy farm in Colorado using fresh, high-quality ingredients from local purveyors. By educating people about how noosa is made, we’ll build a deeper connection with them that goes beyond simply “yum.” When it comes down to it, noosa is...

  • Fun
  • Friendly
  • Happy
  • Upbeat
  • Positive
  • Adventurous
  • Celebratory
  • Health-conscious
  • Active
  • Playful
  • Lighthearted
  • Charming
  • Aussie!


1. Noosa Finest Yoghurt Blueberry
Yogurt - Noosa Finest Yoghurt Blueberry

2. Noosa Finest Yoghurt Coconut
Yogurt - Noosa Finest Yoghurt Coconut

3. Noosa Finest Yoghurt Honey
Yogurt - Noosa Finest Yoghurt Honey

4. Noosa Finest Yoghurt Mango
Yogurt - Noosa Finest Yoghurt Mango

5. Noosa Finest Yoghurt Peach
Yogurt - Noosa Finest Yoghurt Peach

6. Noosa Finest Yoghurt Strawberry Rhubarb
Yogurt - Noosa Finest Yoghurt Strawberry Rhubarb

7. Noosa Finest Yoghurt Tart Cherry
Noosa Finest Yoghurt Tart Cherry

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