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Wait, You Still Go to the Grocery Store?

Wait, You Still Go to the Grocery Store?

Now I do agree that there is a type of therapy in grocery shopping. I used to love going up and down the aisles, finding new products and getting excited every time I spotted a new shiny box that read “Vegan and Gluten Free”. I would spend hours zoned out, sitting on the floor of the aisles reading every ingredient on the back to make sure it met my health requirements. Of course I didn’t shop at only one store, each store had products I liked so I made my way around three; because I couldn’t have the delicious vegan bread without the right creamy vegan cheese, but I liked the unsweetened milk from the other store, although I wish they had it at this store.

Grocery shopping became a real pain once I had Snoh. In and out the car, trying to balance everything, stopping to nurse mid shop. I found myself literally running in and out as fast as possible, then getting home to only realise (with an ‘s’ because I’m British Siri!) that I had forgotten half my list in a rush. And back to the store I went, consuming more time that I didn’t have to spare.

Then I was introduced to If you’re lucky enough to reside in Los Angeles, you know how blessed we are to be surrounded by such companies as Milk and Eggs, who help us busy hustling mamas to make our days easier by doing the hard work for us. They have partnered with local farmers and local companies to bring us a wide variety of fresh produce, the best products and pantry goodies, beating the grocery stores on pricing and they deliver right to your door. Yep! To your door. Meaning I can sit in the comfort of my messy baby toy filled home, with Snoh running wild, pulling everything off the sides, hiding in the corner of my living room on my laptop and make an order within minutes. I’m not saying I don’t ever hit the store up, but having Milk and Eggs as my regular grocery order has saved me an incredible amount of time.

I must say I was impressed by how easy the site was to use and the diet section, where I could just use the pull down and opt for vegan. It made the process of ordering that much faster and more convenient. Someone actually cares about us vegans! Woo!

Screen Shot 2018-02-09 at 10.22.25 AM

The fresh produce sample boxes are really a big bonus! If you’re into juicing and salad prepping then these are great sized and come full of an array of fruits and vegetables. As much as I love walking around the farmers market, sometimes I don’t have time or simply forget it’s Sunday and miss the market. Milk and Eggs puts my mind to rest knowing my family and I are still supporting our local farmers. And the plus side, Milk and Eggs beats even the farmers market prices! This mama ain’t complaining on saving those extra dollars.

My order always consists of staple items.

Averaging around $50, and ships for free in LA and OC. I get a little joy every time they post a new vegan item has been added to the online store! #MamaLife

Who’s got funny mama baby grocery stories to share with us? Comment below.

LA mamas can now void all future grocery store tantrums and accidents by shopping online at  *Inserts crying face emoji*

Original Recipe by Lala Daly.

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