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Vitamin C for that Immunity Boost

Vitamin C for that Immunity Boost

Having a healthy immune system is essential to fight against bacteria and microbes in our body. Our bodies do not produce vitamin C. Therefore, we must obtain it from the foods we eat. Vitamin C is an antioxidant that helps prevents all sorts of diseases. It is also a water-soluble vitamin. This means it is quickly excreted from our bodies - therefore making it an important vitamin to consume daily from a variety of food sources. Immune function may also be boosted with adequate consumption of this vitamin.

Healthy Immune System 
Vitamin C is found in a variety of foods - especially citrus fruits including oranges, kiwi and strawberries.

Bone Health 
Consumption of vitamin C may help with the strength of our connective tissue. This may help prevent attack from microbes. 

Antioxidant Properties 
Vitamin C is a antioxidant. Antioxidants prevent free radicals which aid in immune function. This helps your immune function stronger to fight off microbes and bacteria. 

Aging Skin
Vitamin C really plays an affect from the inside out. A past study has proved that those who had a higher vitamin C intake has a lower likelihood to have dryness or wrinkling skin. These individuals appeared to have improved aging skin. 

Overall, vitamin C is a essential nutrient that needs to be consumed in adequate amounts to ensure normal functions and overall health of one's body. Here are some foods high in vitamin C to incorporate in your daily diet! 

Common Foods with high amounts of vitamin C:
Strawberries (1 cup = 85 mg) 
Oranges (1 medium = 70 mg) 
Kiwi (1 medium = 64 mg) 
Brussel Sprouts (1 cup = 75 mg) 
Broccoli (1 cup = 81 mg) 

The recommended dietary allowances for vitamin C:

0-6 months = 40 mg
7-12 months = 50 mg
1-3 years = 15 mg
4-8 years = 25 mg
9-13 years = 45 mg
14-18 years = 75 mg 
19+ years = 90 mg

0-6 months = 40 mg
7-12 months = 50 mg
1-3 years = 15 mg
4-8 years = 25 mg
9-13 years = 45 mg
14-18 years =  65 mg 
19+ years = 75 mg


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