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Key Benefits of Pasture-Raised

Key Benefits of Pasture-Raised

What is Pasture Raised? Why is it beneficial to us and why should we purchase Pasture Raised products?

Vital Farms is a company that specializes in only Pasture Raised products and we are excited to be carrying them on Milk and Eggs! They treat the hens humanely, nurture the land they forage, and in return, we get delicious, nutritionally rich eggs. 

1. Clean Eating

Vital Farms hens are pasture-raised and enjoy fresh, rotated pastures free of herbicides and pesticides, which means their hens have plenty of yummy bugs and greens to forage through, all day long!

2. Fresh Air And Sunshine

Every one of Vital Farms' small family farms is located in the 'Pasture Belt', states with temperate weather and experience little to no snow, so their lucky ladies can roam around in the fresh air and sunshine all year round. 

3. Free To Roam

With at least 108 sq. ft. per hen, the girls have plenty of space to satisfy their wanderlust and get to explore the pasture with their best hens. 

4. Yolks Are Rich in Nutrition and Taste

Since their hens enjoy such a varied diet and bask in plenty of sunshine, their eggs reflect all the goodness of what they eat: the yolks are incredibly rich in flavor and packed with nutrients like lutein and choline, perfect for making Instagrammable egg and avocado toast!

5. Eat Kind

Vital Farms Eggs are Certified Humane by Humane Farm Animal Care, a nonprofit organization whose mission is to provide the best animal welfare standards for farm animals, and, the gold standard for laying hens. 

6. Pasture Vs. Non-Pasture Raised

  • Cage-Free: Cage Free hens consume a corn or soy diet and are given less than 1 square foot of space to roam. They have room to walk and spread their wings but don't spend time outside. 
  • Free-Range: Free Range hens receive as little as 2 square feet per hen, these hens have more space then caged hens. Have outdoor access, but some may never go outside.
  • Pasture-Raised: Given at least 108 square feet each and eat lots of grass, bugs, worms. They have a lot of room to roam around all throughout the day with large amount of sunlight, the most natural environment for their species.

Want some recipes using Vital Farms Pasture-Raised Eggs? Take a look at our Milk and Eggs Chilaquiles recipe

You can also take a look at their website for more information on their mission and recipes. 

Photo Credit: Vital Farms



Elizabeth Janda :

Do the hens have year round pasture/grass? Where do they lay their eggs and how do you find the eggs if they’re
loose? Are less hens found dead in the pasture and not left to rot? Are these photos of the actual pastures?

Aug 25, 2017

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