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Vegetarian Bibimbap

Vegetarian Bibimbap

Bibimpap is a traditional Korean dish that translates to "mixed rice" of which it's a hot rice bowl mixed with toppings and gochujang. Normally Bibimbap has meat as well, but we subbed for grilled shiitake mushrooms. You can make this vegan by removing the egg yolk on top. 


  1. Start by slicing and grilling your mushrooms with salt, pepper and soy sauce. Set aside. Repeat these steps with the spinach. 
  2. Make your sauce for the bowl by mixing 1 tsp sriracha, 1 tsp chili oil, 1 tsp sesame oil and 1/2 tsp gochujang (gochujang optional) 
  3. Slice and peel your cucumber, carrots and steam your sushi rice. 
  4. Once everything is ready, plate your bowl by adding your rice, mushrooms, carrots, cucumbers, spinach, bean sprouts, kimchi, seaweed, pickled ginger and finish off with your sauce and a egg yolk in the center. Mix all the components together and enjoy! 

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