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Vegan Mac and Cheese With The Mom Buster!

Vegan Mac and Cheese With The Mom Buster!

Helping your kids make a healthier food choices is difficult enough as it is. Maybe the name sounds silly, the texture is new, or it looks different (we're looking at you kiwis). Now add in some vegan food and it can get tricky.

But why struggle? MomBuster introduces us to a vegan mac and cheese recipe that will, hopefully, make it easier to introduce vegan foods to your children.

1x tofu
2x Teaspoons Smart Balance or preferred vegan buttery spread
1x Daiya Dairy-free cheese
1x Rigatoni pack

Puree the tofu until smooth using a food processor or blender. Add 2 Teaspoons of Smart Balance to the tofu. Pour into a sauce pan using a spoon, along with the dairy-free cheese. Mix as much as you like. Place the pan on low and allow it to melt. Cook your pasta separately to preferred tenderness. Mix your cheese with the pasta. Serve and enjoy!

Watch The MomBuster in action, and see if her kids enjoy Vegan Mac and Cheese!

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