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Vegan Breakfast Burrito (Gluten Free!)

Vegan Breakfast Burrito (Gluten Free!)

This Gluten Free, Vegan Breakfast Burrito is hearty, warming, and full of flavor! This is the epitome of eating the rainbow; you've got the perfect combination of nutritious carbs, greens, healthy fats and slight sweetness from the red onions and cherry tomatoes. Wrap it all up in a brown rice tortilla and your taste buds and tummy will be satisfied till lunch. 

Our favorite part of this burrito is the sweet potato hash. We added a little cinnamon and paprika to really bring out the sweetness of the sweet potato. We also added in a little nut cheese which gives it a true decadent, crispy yet chewy texture.

If you don't have too much of an appetite in the morning, no problem, this Breakfast Burrito recipe is good to go any time the day. (perhaps except for dessert time, that's what Saphira's Healthy Rice Krispy Treats are for!) but Lunch and Dinner? Totally down for that. If you want to really up the protein toss in some black beans with your sweet potato hash, or sprinkle over some hemp seeds right before you roll it up.

Serves: 2

What you'll need: 

What to do:

  1. Sauté sweet potato in a large skillet with the coconut oil, pink salt, cinnamon and 1 tsp paprika until crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. (Approximately 15 mins) 10 minutes into this process, add the nut cheese to your sweet potato and allow cheese to melt through. 
  2. While your sweet potato hash is cooking, sauté your mushrooms and red onion in a small frypan with 1 tsp paprika until soft, set aside.
  3. Gently wilt your kale by cooking in a small saucepan with 2 tbsp water. Once kale has wilted, drain water and set aside. 
  4. Gently warm tortillas in a frypan (you only want these warm and flexible to work with, 30 seconds on each side should be sufficient, we will finish the heating process once burrito is rolled.) 
  5. Lay tortilla on a flat surface, spread out 1 tbsp almond cream cheese on each tortilla, then lay out your avocado down the middle, cherry tomatoes, mushroom/onion mix, steamed kale and lastly the sweet potato hash ensuring you've used all your ingredients evenly on each tortilla.
  6. Roll them up like a burrito, folding each end in first. Ensuring they're tightly rolled, place in the broiler on high for 1 minute to get warmed and slightly crispy. 
  7. Carefully remove from the broiler and cut in half. 
  8. Serve with some salsa and enjoy x 

Recipe by Saphira Tuffery (@peanut.head)

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