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The Perfect Summer Salad

The Perfect Summer Salad

Summer is in the air! Refresh yourself and a friend during these hot days with the perfect summer salad (as this recipe serves 2!)

What you’ll need:
What to do:
  1. Using a mandolin, slice your watermelon radish into 12 circular pieces. 
  2. Do the same with your daikon
  3. Lay each piece out on the perimeter of an entree plate alternating between the two 
  4. Mandolin the full fennel head on a very thin setting
  5. In a bowl mix your fennel with a few sprigs of dill, cracked pepper, lemon juice and olive oil
  6. Toss well and place carefully place in the middle of your plate
  7. Garnish with a few more sprigs of dill, some sprouts and a drizzle of olive oil
  8. Enjoy x

Recipe by Saphira Tuffery (@peanut.head)

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