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The Lazy Girl's Brunch

The Lazy Girl's Brunch

It's true: we love throwing beautiful, over-the-top brunches for our friends. All those hours spent flipping through the glossy pages of Martha Stewart Living are probably to blame; we are forever enchanted by idyllic soirées in which everything - from the napkin rings to the croquembouche - is handmade. But as wonderful as a picturesque Martha-worthy brunch can be, sometimes, you need to keep it simple and hang out on the couch in your yoga pants. And so, The Lazy Girl's Brunch was born. 


There is only one rule for throwing a Lazy Girl's Brunch: keep the effort to a minimum, for all parties involved. Invitations must be web-based (don't you dare use a stamp); a text message chain is even better. Friends should roll out of bed and wander over to the party makeup-free and with hungry tummies, ready for some late-morning relaxation. The host shouldn't do much more than a quick vacuum or tidy, and can acceptably use (compostable) paper plates and utensils to avoid doing extra dishes. As for the food, the less cooking, the better - and bonus points for ordering online and having groceries delivered to your doorstep.


For our brunch groceries, we turned to Milk & Eggs, a local service that delivers all of our favorite products (including the natural and organic stuff that we usually have to go to specialty stores to find). The website is packed with goodies both from local farms and suppliers and from big-name health food brands - it feels kind of like what would happen if you married a farmers market with a natural grocery store. Truthfully, the process could not have been smoother - we placed our order online, chose a delivery date, and woke up that morning with the carefully packaged order waiting at our front door. 


To keep with our lazy theme, we chose brunch items that would require very little preparation: plenty of seasonal fresh fruit, cups of yogurt with granola, a bagel bar with all the fixings, and a loaf of banana bread for a little something sweet. For drinks, we chose Califia Farms' orange juice and Black & White Cold Brew (not only the easiest way to serve cold brew, but also the most delicious - I'm hooked for life). 


Friends could choose to dress up their bagels as either sweet or savory (or, in most cases, one of each). Some went for the classic cream cheese, smoked salmon, pickled onions, and capers combination, while others turned their bagels into circular avocado toast topped with egg and tomato. An adventurous friend layered her bagel first with cream cheese, then with Justin's peanut butter, banana slices, and honey - a combination so surprisingly delicious that we wouldn't be mad if it became the new toast trend. 


Using organic Greek yogurt and Kesson's Kitchen's delicious, grain-free granola, some guests made pretty parfaits topped with sliced fresh fruit. Or, for something a bit sweeter, we sliced into Bread Lounge's banana bread with chocolate chips and pecans - smeared with yogurt and a little honey, this was a filling and scrumptious treat.


With all the impending holiday hubbub, we can't think of a better way to kick back and relax than with a Lazy Girl's Brunch - it's the perfect marriage of all the best parts of brunch: leisurely time spent with friends over coffee and delicious food, without ever having to change out of your comfy clothes.

Original article by Brunchographers.



Marble bread looks so good.

Jan 18, 2018

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