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The In's and Out's of a Plant-Based Diet

The In's and Out's of a Plant-Based Diet

What is a plant-based diet and why is it beneficial to us?

A plant-based diet is just that—a diet that is made up of plants with few to no animal products at all. Plant-based diets are based on foods that are obtained from plants, such as vegetables, whole grains, legumes, seeds, nuts, and fruits. 

Reducing your meat intake and having a plant-based diet not only benefits your health, but it benefits the environment as well. Try starting off by replacing one to two days of your weekly meals to purely vegetarian meals. This will help to cut back your meat intake. Every plant-based meal, where you eliminate meats, helps!

There are various alternatives that you can get your protein source from that are not from meats. The Abbot's Butcher is one of our favorite plant-based butchers that carries artisanal plant-based meats that are hand-crafted from delicious whole foods ingredients. Their "meats" have more protein than animal-based meats, which is a good segue to switch from pure meats to plants.

In addition to The Abbot's Butcher, you can also sub out your meats with tofu, fiber, edamame, tempeh, or organic soy beans (to name a few) for your protien source. Legumes are also a great source of protein; they are high in protein, fiber, and carbs to give you energy, to maintain your weight, and to balance out your blood sugar.

You can also whip up a nice smoothie for a tasty high-protein alternative for breakfast. Blend some fruits (we like bananas and apples) and mix with almond milk and apple juice. Add in some kale or spinach, a spoon of almond butter, some hemp seeds, and you've got yourself a delicious green smoothie!

Health benefits of a plant-based diet: lower blood pressure, lower cholesterol, better blood sugar, lower rates of cancer, and weight loss.

Environmental benefits of a plant-based diet: cutting your carbon footprint, conserving water, saving animal and plant habitats, lower ocean dead zones (reduced level of oxygen in the water), and cleaner air.

Animal welfare benefits from a plant-based diet: alleviate suffering and deaths of animals, lower air and water pollution, lower errosion of lands, lower the waste of precious energy, and decrease deforestation.

The Abbot's Butcher hand-crafts their plant-based meats from whole foods ingredients. There are no artificial colors nor preservatives added. All non-GMO ingredients are used upon crafting their plant-based meats. Not only do their products offer protein, they offer MORE protein compared to animal-based meats! The Abbot's Butcher's plant-based meats are very simple and easy to cook. You can enjoy your favorite dishes in a way that nourishes your body with plant-based fuel! Here are some more features of The Abbot's Butcher products:

    • Vegan
    • No cholesterol
    • No saturated fat
    • No preservatives
    • No artificial colors or flavors
    • Non-GMO ingredients
    • Good for about 6 to 8 weeks refrigerated
    • Can be frozen for up to 9 months

1. The Abbot's Butcher "Beef" Burgers

Ingredients: Organic tomato juice, non-gmo textured vegetable protein, vital wheat gluten, liquid amino acids (vegetable protein from soybeans, water), organic whole wheat flour, pure olive oil, nutritional yeast, white onion, ground mustard, beet root, porcini mushrooms, sea salt, organic vegan worcestershire, garlic, black pepper, rosemary, balsamic vinegar
Contains: Wheat, Soy

2. The Abbot's Butcher Ground "Beef"

Ingredients: Water, Textured Vegetable Protein (non-GMO), Organic Tomato Paste, Olive Oil, White Onion, Sea Salt, Porcini Mushroom, Garlic, Paprika, Mustard Seed, Organic Vegan Worcestershire, Black Pepper, Rosemary, Cumin
Contains: Soy

3. The Abbot's Butcher Ground "Chicken"

Ingredients: Water, non-gmo soy flour, pure olive oil, onion powder, nutritional yeast, sea salt, garlic, paprika, poultry seasoning, celery seed, cumin.
Contains: Soy

4. The Abbot's Butcher Spanish "Chorizo"

Ingredients: Water, non-gmo soy flour, organic tomato paste, pure olive oil, organic red wine vinegar, sea salt, Spanish smoked paprika, chili powder, onion powder, garlic, oregano, black pepper, cumin, chipotle pepper.
Contains: Soy

Photo Credit: The Abbot's Butcher


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