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The Benefits of Eating Black-Spotted Bananas

The Benefits of Eating Black-Spotted Bananas

Eating bananas are very beneficial – they are full of potassium, and they taste delicious. But eating back-spotted bananas have more benefits, Southlands Sun reports. The riper the fruit, the better. Let your bananas ripen until black spots appear to enjoy even more health benefits. According to, ripened or black-spotted bananas have the following health benefits:

1. Lowers Blood Pressure and Protects Against Stroke and Heart Attacks

This occurs due to the low amounts of sodium and high levels of potassium.

2.  Increases Energy

Two ripened, calorie-dense bananas boosts energy levels for several hours, as they are packed with low-glycemic carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals. Its potassium helps to increase stamina by preventing muscle cramps.

3.  Relief from Heartburn

Ripened bananas are a fantastic “antacid”. Their smooth texture lines the stomach walls, protecting it from harmful acids and irritation.

4. Relieves Depression

High levels of Tryptophan found in ripened bananas boost serotonin levels, which improves mood.

5. Soothes Anxiety / Irritability

Richness in B vitamins helps to calm nerves.


Original article by The Citizen.



I suffer from insomnia depression adhd/add and anxiety dont want to go to dr.s anymore my sister told me this would help ??

Jan 15, 2019

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