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Superfoods with Suncore Foods

Superfoods with Suncore Foods


Suncore Foods makes delicious organic, vegan, and gluten-free superfoods that makes eating healthy fun, colorful, and creative! Suncore Foods' product line includes plant-based, non-GMO, & gluten-free protein shakes, superjuice powders and raw ingredients. 


PROTEIN SHAKES: With the Low GI shake, individuals living with diabetes and those mindful of maintaining a healthy diet can be certain they’re making a healthy choice. This product has been tested by GI Labs and is free of artificial colors and preservatives.

SUPERFOODS + RAW INGREDIENTS: Nutrient-rich whole foods are at their best when they are produced by high-quality agriculture with minimal processing. This commitment to quality is how their certified products are able to nurture body, mind, and spirit with maximum nutrition and flavor.

SUPERJUICE: Superjuices come in an assortment of seven unique flavors, each with its own flavorful benefits with minimal alteration during production!

With locations in Bolivia and California, the company brings the values, heritage, and traditions of South America to balance the modern and fast-paced needs of American households.


1. Suncore Foods Goji Berries
Suncore Foods Goji Berries

2. Suncore Foods Cocoa Nibs
Suncore Foods Cocoa Nibs

3. Suncore Foods Quinoa Royal Pearl
Suncore Foods Quinoa Royal Pearl

4. Suncore Foods Protein Shake Low GI Chocolate Mocha
Suncore Foods Protein Shake Low GI Chocolate Mocha

5. Suncore Foods Protein Shake Vanilla Acai
Suncore Foods Protein Shake Vanilla Acai

6. Suncore Foods Protein Shake Low GI Vanilla
Suncore Foods Protein Shake Low GI Vanilla

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