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Stop Wasting Your Life at the Supermarket

Stop Wasting Your Life at the Supermarket

Does it seem like you spend half your life at the supermarket? If you do, I have news for you. Shopping for groceries is no longer something that you need to do in person, on foot, or even at a store!  Milk and Eggs gives you the freedom and flexibility of online grocery shopping with all-natural and organic food options, some of them coming straight from the farm.  

This convenient service guarantees the delivery of fresh groceries right to your door, at competitive prices, and from the comfort of home. 

How I found it

As someone who absolutely detests going grocery shopping, I looked online for different services that may deliver groceries to my home. The problem continued to be the same one: Freshness. I love fresh vegetables and vegetarian-fed meat. How could I get fresh food without going out and getting it myself?

Milk and Eggs guarantees fresh, but there are three other key factors that made this online supplier my new grocery store. 

I don’t have to take my kids anywhere near a supermarket!

I simply cannot stand having to take a trip to the supermarket. It’s not so much the hassle of going. It’s just that it’s so time-consuming. Sometimes, it is a battle of wills between my kids and me. It means getting them ready, loading them up, begging them to behave, and feeling rushed by them when they get antsy.

Being of different ages, they also start getting picky about what I put in the shopping cart, and they seem to love to argue about snacks. By the end of the trip to the supermarket, I am cranky, my kids are still arguing and I just want to go live on a desert island. Milk and Eggs prevented that. 

I can watch my calories and preservatives

At the supermarket, whether I am alone or with my kids, I hardly have any time to really look at food labels to see the calorie, fat, salt, and sugar content of half the foods my kids want to get. I try to buy healthy foods, but it seems as if the availability of unhealthy foods, along with healthy ones, was causing havoc in my grocery budget. All I needed was a place with nothing but healthy choices available to make the most out of our shopping experience. 

I’m not driving there anymore!

Better still, having someone else bring groceries to my house is the icing on the cake. This way, I can save at least two hours of a Saturday morning. Plus, Milk and Eggs allows me to get exactly what I need and stay within my budget. No more going out shopping while hungry and ending up with tons of money worth of snacks and unhealthy foods. 

I love the perks

When I first signed up, I entered my email and immediately received a 10% discount for my first order. 

The second thing I liked was that, like major grocery stores, Milk and Eggs also has a rewards club! I love participating in shopping rewards clubs. I also enjoy couponing.  Milk and Eggs lets you do both things. 

Moreover, all food items are organized by categories, so it makes shopping easy and without the need for a shopping list. Basically, I look inside the refrigerator and mark what I need on my tablet, as I go. It is so simple and basic that I do not know how I lived without this website before. 

I enjoyed what I saw  

The fruits and vegetables section alone offers farmer’s market selection packs, Asian vegetables, and just about any produce you could think of. 

Asian apple pears? Seedless watermelons? Pomegranates? Avocados (huge ones)? They have them all, along with your regular fruit fare such as bananas, berries, oranges and grapes. All fruits and vegetables are certified organic and pesticide-free. 

Also, you should check out the Young Thai coconut filled with fresh, hydrating water. I love it. The prices are great, too. In fact, there is a price slash every other day so the chances of getting stuff on sale are always pretty high.

Dairy and Eggs

The dairy category includes a section on “creams and creamers.” Even though the company emphasizes on farm-to-table practices, they also offer alternative food choices, especially with the creamers. These are mainly made with almond milk and coconut milk, and come in a variety of flavors and kosher options. 

Some of the eggs are from Chino valley farms. All eggs are free-range/cage-free.

The meat section

The meat section was my favorite. It offered a choice for premiere meats that included 
• Aged sausages
• Venus-cured Chinese sausages
• Chicken, turkey, and duck
• Center cut pork loin chops
• Sweet sausages
• Meats for stew
• Neck bones
• Spiral hams, cured, natural, and maple- coated 


I just fell in love with the shellfish selections. Plus the large crab legs, Maine lobster tails, shrimp and jumbo scallops go periodically on sale! As far as regular fish options, features everything from salmon, to albacore tuna. All is fresh and not previously frozen. To see the selections is to want them right away.  

Tofu and vegetarian/vegan options

Yes! There are vegetarian and vegan options available, even though the company is called “Milk and Eggs.” They offer premium regular and soft tofu. They also have a section on juicing, where they list the best fruits and vegetables available for it. 

Aside from tofu, fruits, and veggies, the dairy and cheese sections offer almond, coconut, and soy milk options, too. They also have a soups section offering wild mushroom broth. 

In the pantry section, there is a wide selection of spreads that are vegetarian-friendly, including olive tapenades, hummus, artichoke spreads and crushed tomato and basil sauces. 

Pantry Items

The typical pantry items that Milk and Eggs offers include salad dressings, honey, herbs, spreads, broths and soups. The beef broths are concentrated, organic and 100% natural.  

Breads and Pastas

The bread lover in you will not be able to resist the super high variety of breads and pasta types at Milk and Eggs.The breads feature artisan breads, bagels, rolls, and muffins made with a variety of ingredients.

The pastas are out of this world. They include your regular linguini, angel hair and traditional cuts. However, they also feature:

• Udon
• Ravioli
• Squid ink, black noodles
• Spinach-enriched green noodles vs. Your Local Supermarket:

The key difference between the products from, compared to a typical supermarket, is the freshness of the products. Rather than selling frozen items, boxed, or canned foods, the folks at Milk and Eggs work with local farmers and get their products from California farms.  

Also, the products that are bagged or purchased from other companies are usually certified organic, Kosher, or gluten-free. This is great for people with food allergies, or those who follow specific dietary lifestyles such as Paleo, or even raw vegan. 

Farm to Table!

Milk and Eggs operates in the majority of the areas in Los Angeles County. The “farm to table” philosophy of this site really makes it stand out. This means that fresh items, such as meats, eggs, and dairy, are obtained locally from county farms.  

To me, that is the deal maker. It also guarantees that the market profits will come back to our community. It entails utilizing the resources of the local farmers, who work pretty hard to get these foods into the market. 

Try this awesome resource today and check out their food choices. You never know; there may be something that you had never dared to try before and this is your chance to do it!


Stop Wasting Your Life at the Supermarket by Jenna Stone.

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