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Spinach and Mushroom Mini Egg Waffles

Spinach and Mushroom Mini Egg Waffles

Looking for a chance to use your waffle maker and stray away from basic waffles? This creative waffle recipe doesn't use any flour, water, milk, or baking soda! Set the tone of your day with this healthy breakfast.



  1. In a slightly greased non-stick pan, sautèe for about 5 mins the sliced mushrooms with the spinach.

  2. In the meanwhile, slightly beat the egg + egg whites with a fork. Add a pinch of curry powder, salt, pepper, and chives (I used dry chives, but fresh would work too). Add in the cooked mushrooms and spinach.

  3. Heat the waffle maker. When it reaches the right temperature, spray it with some avocado oil and pour some of the egg mixture – the quantity depends on how big your waffle maker is. Mine is a single mini-waffle one, so I had to cook my waffles one at a time and used about 2 tbsp of the mixture each time.

  4. Cook the waffle for about 1-2 min, then repeat until you finish the mixture.

  5. Top with sliced cherry tomatoes, avocado, and an extra touch of curry powder + chives.

Original recipe by Outspeaking Health


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