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SoCalMoms Great Big Family Play Day

SoCalMoms Great Big Family Play Day

Over the weekend, we had the opportunity to participate in the 4th annual SoCalMoms Great Big Family Play Day at the Autry in Griffith Park. There were many activities to enjoy, such as live music, games, crafts, food, and more. We enjoyed the opportunity to participate and introduce ourselves to the community!

We provided fresh samples of what we carry from coffee to juices to fresh fruits to fresh goodies. Our booth was so busy throughout the day!

Special thanks to Semolina Artisinal Pasta, Health-Ade, Brothee, and Bertha Mae's for participating with us! It was a blast!

Along with the samples, attendees had the opportunity to speak with the vendors regarding their products.

We also had an icecream bar to cool down in the warm afternoon. It was great to see so many families out and having fun. Not to mention seeing kids and parents alike try something they may not have tried before.

There were also free Milk and Eggs bags that everyone loved! Also, there was the option to Grab an Egg for a chance to win a gift card, free delivery, or a 40% discount!

We are grateful to everyone who stopped by our booth! It was a fulfilling experience having the opportunity to meet you face to face.

Here at Milk and Eggs we feel it is important for people to know where their food comes from and to look for healthier alternatives. We are a family company that loves to connect with other families! We do our best to introduce new local companies that make local foods.

We completely understand with the hustle and bustle that is Los Angeles and its neighboring cities, it can be difficult to find time to go to the grocery store. Even more so for parents. It's too easy to reach for fast-food. We want to provide our community a different kind of fast-food: the kind that comes from the farm, straight to your door.

As always, thank you for your support and for stopping by!



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