Severe Weather - Drastic Interruption in Supply of Melons, Berries, & Leaf Vegetables (Message from Valley)

Important message from Valley regarding the severe weather conditions:

Due to recent record-breaking temperatures in key growing areas in Southern California and the Southwest United States, multiple crops have been severely affected.

Melons, berries, and leaf vegetables have been affected the most severely and growers have enacted force majeure, which relieves them of liability for crop damage, delays and/or other expenses or costs related to supply interruptions because this weather incident is beyond the growers' control.

Surface temperatures have reached temperatures of 110 degrees Fahrenheit, and even 120 degrees Fahrenheit in growing regions in California and Arizona.

Valley is struggling to cover orders as production has been cut by up to 90 percent on various commodities.
Suppliers have advised Valley that they have no fruit / vegetable available until further notice.

Valley will continue to work closely with our growers in an effort to provide updates to customers once production and harvest have resumed, and supplies increase.

As always, we appreciate your continued support and thank you for your business.

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