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Project: Fast Food! New Partnership to Improve Health for Children of Los Angeles!

Project: Fast Food! New Partnership to Improve Health for Children of Los Angeles!

We previously announced our partnership with Project: Fast Food! And we are happy to introduce our partner.

Allow us to introduce Chef Matthew Fast, Founder of MWF (Movement, Wellness, and Food) and Project: FAST Food!

Fast is a Certified Chef, who has trained at the at the California Culinary Academy in San Francisco, California. He has a history of work with wellness and health. He is the founder of MWF, which focused on culinary arts and wellness education to
children, ages 3 and up. Mr. Fast has provided us with a comprehensive background as follows:

"My teaching career began working with many schools and institutions in San Francisco. I also worked with the City and County of San Francisco. There, I
launched a culinary arts program for the San Francisco Recreation and Parks Department. It was quite immediate that this program became the #1 culinary arts education program in the entire city. I was also the Director of summer camps for the City of San Francisco, where culinary education was the primary theme of camp. Collectively, I influenced and educated over 2,000 kids each year. Because of the mass success there, I decided to move my work and business down to the Southern California area, primarily within the Pasadena community. My goal is to positively influence as many kids as possible, and the Los Angeles area is my next mission. The City of Pasadena has recently hired my company to lead their culinary arts education classes for their 2016 summer camp program."

We are very excited to work with him to fight child obesity and to provide education for healthier eating to the children and young adults of Los Angeles, by providing fresh food to assist in this program.

The purpose of Project: FAST Food! is to educate children about food and nutrition. Then have an actual cooking class that relates to their culinary lesson. This will incorporate physical activity before, during, and after classes, because staying active is a necessary habit to instill into our kids.

In addition, we will offer a comprehensive and tailored culinary arts and wellness curriculum for the children.

Project: FAST Food has worked with many schools in introducing healthier eating, living, and wellness.

As noted before, we both hope to change the idea of "Fast food." The connotation will no longer imply to greasy, deep friend foods filled with preservatives and more.

Project Fast Food can utilize your institution's own kitchen for culinary instruction and meal preparation. This can be at your local school, hospital, or home.

No kitchen? No problem! If there is no kitchen available, Project Fast Food can bring their mobile kitchen to you! All we both request is your support and your young chefs to come and participate.

Yes, it’s really that simple. You help them work smart. And we help them eat smart.

“Culinary Arts & Wellness” class can be offered an addition during school hours, an after-school program, an independent contract, or as a direct- hire arrangement. Each class will include a culinary lesson, a lesson in meal preparation, and physical activity.

If there are any specific lessons that you wish to learn at that time, this can be incorporated without issue. Or if your school has any specific standards or goals, we can make any changes necessary to work with this standard or goal.

We look forward to working together and encouraging the youth to make healthier and better life choices, and hopefully have this expand.

As Chef Fast has stated "If they are influenced at a young age how to make proper eating decisions and understand portion control, much of the battle will have been won already."

To learn more about Project: Fast Food, please feel free to click here to be directed to their site.

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