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Milk and Eggs Helped Me Meal Plan for the First Week of School

Milk and Eggs Helped Me Meal Plan for the First Week of School

The first week of kindergarten is in the books! Well it wasn’t a full week because the first day of school was on Tuesday, but it was still a bit stressful to plan. After being off for the whole summer, we had to adjust to waking up extra early and packing lunch every day again. As I’ve mentioned before, I’m terrible about meal planning and would like to be better at it. Thankfully, by ordering groceries online, I’m forced to plan ahead.

The good thing about ordering with Milk & Eggs is the choices are limited. Not completely limited as in not a lot of choices, but limited as in one or two brands per product, which I don’t mind. The brands offered are the brands I would buy or want to try anyway, so win-win!

I placed my order with breakfast and lunch in mind. Here’s what I ordered:

Here’s what I made for Breakfast

Avocado Toast with Butter, Olive Oil, and Chia Seeds

Always a classic, I love making avocado toast because there are so many fun and delicious variations.

Strawberry Rhubarb Jam and Cream Cheese Toast

The Strawberry Rhubarb jam was an experiment on my part. I don’t normally eat rhubarb, but the times I had it, I liked it. The kid didn’t like it too much because it wasn’t that sweet, but I found it interesting and something I can get used to.


The morning I made the plain avocado and hard boiled eggs was the day we got to school super early. I was pleased, because it’s easy and good for you. Very no frills, but tasty nonetheless.

Hard Boiled Egg

I love my Instant Pot. It is probably one of my favorite purchases. I put it on high at 8 minutes and the yolk comes out perfectly cooked the way I like it – not overcooked, and just a little undercooked where the yolk is just a tad runny.

Fried Egg on Avocado Toast

My second favorite kitchen item purchase is my cast iron skillet. I love making eggs over medium in it. These eggs are particularly delicious, with their golden yolks and fresh taste. The packaging is pretty too.

Greek Yogurt with strawberries and Wild Flower Honey

I normally buy plain greek yogurt because of it’s flexibility. I like to add honey to make it sweet, and I like the option of using it on it’s own to cool down spicy savory dishes. I actually used the yogurt to cool down some Indian butter chicken I made for dinner one night. Thankfully it worked, because I didn’t have any alternate plans for another dinner for my daughter.


Turkey and Provolone Sandwich, Grapes, and String Cheese

She had this same lunch on Tuesday and Friday. There were so many grapes in the package, I threw some in the freezer. I also threw a bag of rolls in the freezer too, so they wouldn’t get stale. We still have more string cheese and other items, so this supply will last till halfway through the week. The dinner rolls are tiny, but it’s the perfect size for my kid’s appetite.

Gluten-free Chicken Nuggets, Goldfish Crackers, Grapes

She liked these nuggets so much, it was her lunch for two of the four days she was in school. Score!

Mom’s Lunch

I smashed up an avocado and an egg, with mayonnaise, mustard, and bagel seasoning. Then I threw on some provolone cheese, and turkey slices. Tasted pretty good!

Lazy Dinner

My daughter is a dumpling fiend. She could eat them all day. I was going to save these Northern Cafe dumplings for her lunch, but she was dying to have them for dinner. How could I argue if she was going to help me cook them? We do an easy steam on the stove and they’re ready to go. I think the package comes with 10 dumplings. I ate two and she ate eight. She would have eaten my two if I let her. Thank goodness I was able to snag some and try them! They were quite delicious. We have one more package in the freezer, which I’m tempted to not tell her about. (haha).

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