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Milk and Eggs Community Posts: Spring Freshness

Milk and Eggs Community Posts: Spring Freshness

Spring means fresh, bright ingredients and warmer days! See how our Milk and Eggs community is setting the tone for the season.

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happy thursday you wonderful humans! 🌟 with my recent health issues, i’ve made an effort to up up up my vitamin c intake. although i love my morning smoothies, i realized that my fruit intake throughout the day was srsly lacking. don’t get me wrong, veggies are incredible...but fruit can heal too!! 🙏🏼 one example are organic granny smith apples. they’re packed with quercetin, a flavonoid that can help issues like histamine intolerance. plus they have pectin, a soluble fiber which helps blood sugar balance and a whole lotta other things! 🍏 thanks to @milkandeggscom , i’ve been stocking up on lots of in season fruits too, like oranges! i think it’s easy to get caught up with all the nutrition claims these days like, ‘fruit has too much sugar’ - i know i’ve fallen prey to them as well. honestly, if i was following the special diet recommendations for my health conditions, i think i’d only be able to eat cardboard 😂 i’m not a doctor by any means, but i think our bodies are a lot smarter and stronger than we give them credit for. so, if a food makes you feel good but isn’t on the paleo diet, maybe it’s still ok for you to have it 🤷🏼‍♀️ curious to know your thoughts on this matter! have you ever experienced this kind of frustration with food ‘rules/recommendations’?

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Peanut butter overnight oats ALLLL week long for breakfast this week 🥰👏🏼✨ I’ve said it before & I’ll say it again - overnight oats are one of my favorite things to incorporate into a busy week of food prep. You can grab & go or pour into a bowl – add some toppings and voilà you’ve got yourself a beautiful & TASTY breakkie. 👌🏼🤓 To Make: 2 cups old fashion rolled oats 4 cups vanilla almond milk 4 tbsp chia seeds 8 tbsp PBfit peanut butter powder 1 cap full of vanilla extract Few shakes Cinnamon Toppings of choice (because @milkandeggscom delivered yesterday I threw the freshest of fresh blueberries & strawberries on top with Almond butter & cacao nibs 🤤) ••• 1. Stir all ingredients, except almond milk, until mixed well. 2. Divide evenly into 4 mason jars. 3. The night before or the morning of, add 1 cup almond milk to the jar, cover and let sit at least 20 mins (or overnight). 4. Devour plain or top with whatever makes your heart happy. ✨NOTE: If you are short on time or don’t want to put your almond milk in daily, mix all ingredients together, divide into 4 jars and you’re good to go! I don’t love my oats SUPER mushy so I typically add my almond milk right when I wake up in the morning.✨ ••• HAPPY Sunday humans!! #biteswithb#morningoats #cozybreakfast#oatmealbowl #goodfoods #pbfit #oatsovernight #oatsforbreakfast #freshfruits #mealprepsunday

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