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Making Your Summer Berries Last

Making Your Summer Berries Last

It’s summer, which means it’s berry season - raspberries, blueberries, blackberries and strawberries! Purchase it off our site since we carry all local and fresh produce! It's like your convenient farmer's market coming straight to your doorstep! After you purchase these berries, there are small steps to care for them and help them last longer. Washing and storing them are both essential to help keep these berries fresh! 

1.  Check before purchasing.
Make sure you check out the container for any soggy, moldy or spoiled berries before placing it in to your cart. You want to pick bright and and fresh looking berries rather than ones that have been placed there for several days. Check packing dates and pick the one with the most recently packed date.

2. Check for bad berries.
Inspect the container often even after purchasing. You want to remove and moldy or spoiled berries right away because it will spread quickly. 

3. Know when to wash.
Some can be washed right away but dried before storage or else it will turn soggy. However, for berries, it is best not to wash until right before consumption. Do not allow them to sit in water. For strawberries, don't remove the stem until you decide to eat them. 


4. Use Heat & Vinegar.
To help delay spoilage and extend shelf life, wash your berries with some vinegar and hot water. Use 1 cup vinegar for every 3 cups water. After rinsing with this solution, rinse it under cool water. 

5. Storage: Counter vs. Refrigerator. 
When you purchase berries, you may realize that they are not always refrigerated. However, when you go home - you would typically place it in your refrigerator. If you plan to use it within 1 day, you may leave it on the counter. Any longer and they should be in the fridge. 

6. Freezing. 
Freezing berries is a great idea for smoothies or baking! Place them into freezer-friendly bags and they can be frozen up to 6 months. 

7. Overripe? Make cubes! 
If not moldy or wrinkled, it is still edible! Don't throw it away! Puree them in a blender, pour into an ice cube tray and make mini berry cubes. You can also mash them up into a fruit spread to top off your pancakes or oatmeal! 

There are a variety of ways to incorporate berries into your meals. Have them as a refreshing snack or top off your pancakes, waffles or toast with them! You can even make infused water, fruit smoothies or include them in summer-themed salads! They contain antioxidants which help fight diseases such as cancer and heart disease. They nutritionally packed fruits are a great addition to your diet! 


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