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Kiwis: A fuzzy fruit

Kiwis: A fuzzy fruit

Kiwis are small fruits that are packed with a lot of flavor and plenty of health benefits. Kiwis are roughly 3 inches long and weigh roughly 4 ounces. They are well known for their fuzzy brown peel. Inside is a green flesh with small black seeds that are edible. Kiwis are known to be sweet and tangy, giving it a unique taste. The texture is similar to a pineapple.

The benefits of adding kiwis to your diet are numerous. They are full of nutrients such as vitamin C, vitamin K, vitamin E, folate, and potassium. There are also lots of antioxidants and a great source of fiber.

Immune System Boost
Kiwis are full of vitamin C, and rivals the orange in the amount it has. Just 1 cup of kiwi provides 273% of your daily recommendation for vitamin C. Vitamin C is essential to boosting your immune system. Kiwis may support immune system function and reduce the likelihood of developing flu-like symptoms.

Reduced Risk of Cancer
With the amount of anti-oxidants found in kiwis, there is some evidence that kiwis or the use of kiwi extract helps in preventing DNA damage that is linked to colon Cancer. Consuming kiwis can assist in lowering your risk for colon cancer.

Manage Blood Pressure and reduce Blood Clotting
Some studies have shown that the bioactive substances in kiwis can lower blood pressure. In the long term, this can assist in lowering your risk for conditions caused by blood pressure. In addition, studies found that eating 2-3 kiwis a day lowered the risk of blood clotting. There was a reduction in the amount of fat found in blood that correlated with the lowered risk of clotting.

With all the benefits of kiwis, from the unique taste to the health benefits, kiwis should be on your list of "Next to try" fruits. If you already enjoy kiwis, why not add more.

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Learn how to cut open a kiwi.


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