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How to open a Young Coconut

How to open a Young Coconut

How to open a Young Coconut:

Most open a Young Thai Coconut by whacking it until it is open. This causes a bit of a mess and often gets the juice everywhere.

To more easily open a young coconut, follow these steps:

1. Place the coconut on a hard, flat surface that will not be damaged. A cutting board usually does the trick.

2. Hold the young coconuts and remove the husk to expose the shell. Push down on the husk using a knife and pull away a little bit. As you remove the husk, turn in a circular motion to remove as much of the husk as possible. This will expose the shell.

3. Take the weight of the knife itself and use the back end to tap it into the young coconuts. Pick a place where you can see the young coconuts has been removed with the husk and hit it in that spot.

4. Use a little leverage to pop it open.

The coconut juice can be drained in a cup or bowl. This can be saved and used for drinking or cooking purposes. Draining the juice is all in personal preference, and is not required. The juice can be drank straight from the coconut.

The meat can be easily scooped using a spoon and eaten as is or used for a number of recipes.

If you are unsure where to strike with the blunt edge, use the top half of where you cut the husk as a line. Too far below will cause the juice to spill out of the Young Thai Coconut after opening.

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