How to Cut a Kiwi: an Easy Trick!

How to Cut a Kiwi: an Easy Trick!

Cutting a kiwi does not need to be a tedious and messy task. If a knife is used to peel the skin off, chances a good portion of the fruit will be taken with it. This is a neat quick way to cut and skin a kiwi.

1. Place the kiwi on a cutting board and cut the ends:

2. Using a spoon, slip it between the fruit and the skin. Depending on the spoon, you may be able to slide the spoon all the way through to the other side:

If not, this is not a problem. Just go half-way and gently work your spoon around the entire kiwi, then do the same to the other side.

3. The skin will separate from the fruit and you can slide it right off:

Eat as is, or cut up to enjoy. Add it to your yogurt, your ice cream, or fruit salad.

Happy eating!

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