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How One Company Saved Me From Complete Insanity: A New Parent's Story

How One Company Saved Me From Complete Insanity: A New Parent's Story

When the doctor told me that I was pregnant with triplets, I almost didn't believe him.

"Three?" I repeated, staring at the tiny screen that was changing my life forever. "Three babies?"

My husband clutched my hand with a kind of stunned disbelief. "Are you sure?" he asked the doctor, like the doctor was going to squint at the screen and say, Oh, sorry, that was actually a dirty spot on the monitor. There's only one baby cooking in there. Carry on!

"Yes, I'm sure," the doctor said. "Congratulations!"

I couldn't take my eyes off the blurry shapes floating on the screen. "Three babies," I said again, and I felt a smile creeping over my face. "Three children. Three siblings to play with each other. Three little peanuts we can dress in matching outfits."

Then I realized something else, and the smile dropped off my face like a dead weight. "Three babies pooping all day!"

My husband would later tell me that my expression of total, all-consuming horror was the funniest thing he'd ever seen in his life.

Once I was safely home and over the shock, I started to plan. I bought more mobiles and onesies; I created more floor space in the nursery; I expanded my baby name search. I read all kinds of parenting books about the joys and trials of multiples. I started buying diapers in bulk, and I pointedly did not think about the avalanche of poop that was coming my way from three separate bodies.

What I didn't expect was the sheer amount of exhaustion that came from raising three infants at the same time. I knew I'd be tired, of course, but I didn't realize that I wouldn't even have the energy to take a shower every day. Hygiene was a luxury. Food and sleep were precious commodities to be hoarded like I was Gollum in a dark cave hunched over my golden ring.

I don't think I even went outside in those first few weeks of parenthood. Who had the time? Who had the energy? Simple tasks became complicated affairs when three babies were added to the mix. For example, here's a sample itinerary for going to the grocery store:

  • Clean up
  • Get dressed
  • Get the kids dressed
  • Lift, snap, lock and arrange them in their car seats
  • Drive while keeping one eye on the rear view mirror at all times
  • Walk around the store with three small bundles squirming and demanding attention in front of you
  • Buy, bag and haul all of your purchases to the backseat
  • Run back inside when you realize you've forgotten a pacifier in aisle six
  • Repeat steps four and five until you reach home


Honestly, death is a kinder prospect than going grocery shopping with newborn triplets.

My husband is the one who stumbled on a long-term solution for our shopping needs. He'd heard about online delivery services, and though he was wary of something that claimed to be so easy, he suggested that we give them a try.

"What could it hurt?" he asked, and since I was splayed on the floor and covered in spit-up with a rat's nest growing in my hair, I found his logic to be irrefutable.

We decided to go with Milk and Eggs, an LA-based grocery delivery service in our area. They had good reviews and a solid selection of products. Most importantly, they promised to deliver the groceries right to our door, so all we had to do was shop, click and order.

Our first delivery was like a gift from the heavens. It arrived the day after we'd run out of coffee, and trust me, you don't want to talk to a mother of triplets until she's had her morning cup of joe. I think I actually scared the delivery guy with my wide-eyed gratitude. I was even more grateful when I opened the box and saw everything that was inside; not only did we receive exactly what we'd ordered, but it was arranged neatly and precisely to prevent damage. My precious coffee beans were un-crushed and ready to be brewed!

Our second delivery was less dramatic. We'd taken our time with that one, browsing the Milk and Eggs product selection and picking out things that looked good or sounded healthy, so it was kind of an experiment. Despite their name, Milk and Eggs offers a lot more than just dairy products. They have dedicated sections for things like:

  • Bread
  • Meat
  • Sauces
  • Beverages
  • Vegetables

In addition, each section offers more than just pictures and item numbers. Most products have several paragraphs about what they are, where they're grown and how they can benefit a healthy diet. My husband and I enjoyed the feeling of making informed decisions even if we'd never actually tried the fruit or spice in question, and more than once we found a new favorite food because of the tantalizing descriptions that tempted us to order.

By the time we welcomed our third delivery, we were dedicated fans of the Milk and Eggs brand. They were fast; they were convenient; they offered high-quality products that we could have delivered with the click of a button. As new parents, any of these things would've made our lives easier, but getting all of them from the same company was amazing.

I highly recommend Milk and Eggs for anyone seeking a grocery delivery service in the LA area. I also recommend them for anyone who's not sure about grocery delivery services in general. I completely understand your reluctance because I used to be the same way, but once you read how it all works, it's easier to put your trust in their services. They have an entire system that utilizes the collaboration of farmers, drivers and quality assurance managers, and it works because everyone believes in it.

Our triplets are almost two now. Raising them has been a wild ride filled with tears, tantrums and triumphs, and the entire experience has brought me more joy than I ever thought my heart could hold. I find myself very grateful that companies like Milk and Eggs exist. Not only have they nurtured my family's health with fresh, high-quality food, but the convenience of their delivery system has allowed me to stay at home and spend more time with my children. Instead of wasting time and energy with traditional grocery shopping, I've been able to click around, make my purchases, close my laptop and get back to what really matters: my three little poop machines.

Seriously, parents, prepare for the poop. It's endless.


How One Company Saved Me From Complete Insanity: A New Parent's Story By Amy White

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