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Fresh Salad with Cucumber, Watermelon, and Fennel

Fresh Salad with Cucumber, Watermelon, and Fennel

This salad the perfect quick lunch, ready in a couple of minutes, fresh and healthy, and oh-sooo good.  It's a great combination of sweet and savory, juicy and crunchy. All in one big bowl.

The usual cucumber-watermelon salad normally comes with red onions (but I'm not a huge fan of raw onions), and crumbled feta cheese (yum). You can add either, or both.

OR you can do just like I did and add some shaved fresh fennel. It adds some extra crunchiness and lots of flavor. Its licorice-like aroma goes perfectly with the the minty/lemony dressing. 

And let's not forget, fennel is one of those super healthy veggies. It's an excellent source of vitamin A and C (which are powerful anti-oxidants), fibers (which decrease the risk of developing diabetes, heart disease...), essential oils (which are helpful to the digestive system). And lots more. 

So if fennel is not one of your favorite veggies, you could try it in this salad, and it might surprise you!

Now, let's see who can guess what I'm doing in this picture:
a. Trying to decide whether to eat the salad OR jump in the pool first
b. Suntanning and daydreaming
c. Grocery shopping
d. All of the above

And the correct answer is (d). All of the above! Haha

Grocery shopping has never been so easy and relaxing. I'm placing my new order of fruit, veggies, bread, yogurt and lots more at



  1. Slice the cucumber and the fennel (half is enough).
  2. Cut the watermelon in cubes (possibly all of the same size).
  3. Toss the fennel and cucumber with salt and pepper. Add the watermelon, and drizzle with lemon juice and olive oil.
  4. Add the mint leaves and mix.

Original recipe by Cooking with Manuela

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