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Superfood Cashews - Healthy Fats

Superfood Cashews - Healthy Fats

Cashews have a natural buttery taste which works well in a variety of recipes - both savory and sweet. The consumption of this health nut has been on the rise by being incorporated into the diets of many! This is definitely a nut to consume more of because of it's excellent source of nutrients. They may improve heart health, support brain function and even improve digestion! Frequent consumption may also lower risks of heart disease and lower cholesterol and high blood pressure. These nuts have shown to also be beneficial on oxidative stress and inflammation - leading to a healthy heart! 

The main nutrition of a cashew is their healthy fat content. 1/4 cup of cashews contains around 200 calories, 16g of fat and 5g of protein. 

Cashews have been used to make milk and even drinkable yogurt! Click below to get yourself some products containing cashews! 

Navita Organics Cashews - These are a great snack to keep in your bag when they mid-day hunger strikes or even make your own non-dairy milk! Blend it into your smoothies, add into salads, make trail mix or eat them by itself! 

Forager Project Cashew Milk - Move over nut milks, cashew milk is here! This is a great replacement for your usual milk. This milk is dairy-free and has natural creaminess. Plant-based, gum free, kosher, organic and non-GMO! Use this in your smoothies or cereal bowls! 

Forager Project Drinkable Cashewgurt - This combines together cashews as well as live probiotic cultures. You get benefits from the cashew nut and probiotics to ensure a happy healthy gut. Clean ingredients, creamy dairy-free deliciousness! 

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