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Featured on Medium! - Milk and Eggs

Featured on Medium! - Milk and Eggs

Thank you to Medium for featuring us in one of their latest articles! Milk and Eggs appeared in the "Know Your Farmer" article.

"For breakfast I had a typical L.A. staple: avocado toast. For lunch, a beet and goat cheese salad. And for dinner, I grilled up some chicken and veggies (I’m not much of a cook). Not once while I was savoring these foods did I stop and wonder where they came from.

Milk and Eggs is an online farmer’s market that connects local farms and artisanal foods with health oriented people. It’s a subscription based online farm-direct grocery store that works to provide customers with products that come straight from local farms. Using a service like this is a sure fire way of knowing where your food is coming from and hence, what you’re putting into you’re body.

Kenneth Wu created Milk and Eggs to better his family’s health. And, as a result, he’s helping to improve the health of anyone who uses his company."

Read full article on Medium.

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