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Dairy-Free Smoothie

Dairy-Free Smoothie

While there are many grab-and-go smoothies, if I have extra minutes at home, I’ll blend my own smoothie.

This smoothie will indeed hold me over until lunch and because it’s packed with gut health goodness, I don’t feel ravenous for snacking excessively. I also am getting more into non-dairy options as I like to be as sustainable as possible.



  1. Blend together and poof, really simple. You can add more milk or yogurt to change the consistency, but overall it should be smooth and not too thick.

In a nutshell, this is basically how I’ve been wanting to kick off my mornings regularly, now that I’m into a work routine. It’s something filling, contains high energy, and is a healthy start to my day that doesn’t take too much thought or time to prepare. I love that Trace and I spend time in the kitchen but also eat well throughout the day regardless of if it comes in a bottle or if we make it ourself. 

Original post & recipe by Shoes and Sashimi for Milk and Eggs


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