Better Bean Co.

Better Bean Co.

What is Better Bean Co.?

Better Beans are the very first refrigerated bean, not canned, and are made with care in Oregon from their original recipes. NW farm direct beans are soaked, kettle cooked, then small batch sautéed, tubbed and chilled...all by people who love beans!

The Better Bean process:

It is inherent that Better Beans must be given better from the start! Their beans deserve the best chance to develop into something great. 

Beans grown by dry-land, sustainable farmers in Quincy, Washington. 

  • no-till, dry-land farming. No soil loss, no waste of water. 
  • pesticide and herbicide free. 
  • not desiccate (most conventional beans are sprayed with glyphosate to dry out the beans for harvesting. Glyphostate is round up & is extremely toxic to our bodies and our environment so, that needed to go!

Better Beans are soaked

  • Beans are seeds. When beans are soaked they think that it is now in an environment to sprout new life! Soaking means the dormant seed is now awaking. When this happens the seed converts carbohydrates into other nutrients.
  • Soaking also helps the bean become easier to digest. 

Kettle Cooked

  • Our team cooks better beans in small batches with all real ingredients like onions, tomatillos, peppers, herbs & spices, sea salt & apple cider vinegar.
  • We make our bean in the traditional way, our Cuban Black Beans start with a soffrito of onions, green pepper, coriander oregano, garlic and olive oil. We caramelize these flavors together and then cook the beans in this soffit so the flavor permeates throughout. 

Benefits of apple Cider Vinegar:

Adding apple cider vinegar to our beans transforms our beans

  • apple cider vinegar breaks down the oligosaccharides, denatures the physic acid and basically makes our beans gas free! –we have a gas free bean
  • ACV brightens the flavor so we don’t need any excessive salt
  • ACV acts as a natural preservative and ensures that so no bean goes to waste! 

Tub it, chill it.

  • They put the beans in tubs and ship them chilled to you. Never frozen, never canned. Just chilled beans, almost like homemade. 


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