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Baby Solids: My Healthy Feeding Tips As A Busy Mom

Baby Solids: My Healthy Feeding Tips As A Busy Mom

Feeding our babies healthy and balanced takes time, especially if you follow 3 meals a day AND 5 nutrient groups each meal, it's time consuming! That's why finding tips and tricks on how to plan to speed up the process makes it easier!

Here are my top tips:

1. Plan the week in advance. Know what foods you will feed your baby in advance. That way you'll be able to purchase everything you need at once and you'll have everything you need for the week.

2. I try to plan meal combos that don't require to puree or steam everything. For example, you can do one cereal (easily blended with hot water), one or two groups as raw BLW (like a mango piece or cucumber), one or two food groups easily smashed (like beans or avocado), and one or two food groups that need to be pureed or steamed (like carrots or yams) so you can steam them at the same time, and puree individually. You can also select olive or coconut oil as a fat when you have a fish or meat protein, so they work well together. And choose nut butters as a healthy fat when you have baby cereals to blend as well (remember, these two exceptions are the only times when two foods will be mixed and not introduced individually). So each time I have to pick new food, I strategically think about all this too.

3. I puree the food that needs to be pureed the night prior, and have everything ready to serve quickly during my busy day! I try to do it the night prior because the day starts a bit crazier, but if I don't have the chance I can always do it in the morning.

4. I don't freeze/unfreeze, and never let something cooked in the fridge for more than 24h so it does not lose nutrients. With my busy life, I would forget about unfreezing and I'd have nothing to feed her quick!

5. Get a baby cook. Although you may have a steamer and blender yourself, getting a machine that does it all in one, specialized for babies, is SO practical to cook the night before, and you can even travel with them easy.

6. Buy small containers, reusable pouches, & a mini cooling bag to put the food in when i have an outing during Sofia's meal. I try scheduling only one outing during a meal (like the midday meal only - unless we are on vacation or a big day out) and those days are out, then I am okay to feed her from the pouch directly, as it is less messy. I just make sure she 90% of the times eats at home properly sitting and with a spoon or her fingers if it's pieces of food.

7. There are specific foods that are more difficult to cook, require more time to cook, or are just harder to shop for so I try to buy those specific items fresh through companies (such as Yumi) just as if you had cooked it yourself! So if I see there's a week that I have a tighter schedule, we are traveling and I want to take with pre-packed, or I just need a few more ready-to-eat options to combine with the ones I cook myself, this is a great option!

8. Get ready for occasional constipation, it happens so often with the minis. Depending on what they eat or how much water they drink. So having mango & prunes handy is a MUST. You want to be prepared and have that handy, but planning a balanced meal helps avoid this: If you are going to be feeding rice as the cereal or carrot as the veggie, then add mango or prunes as the fruit!

9. Anything in puree form that she does not eat: I make popsicles of. This way I don't throw away food and it's also an easy quick ready to eat snack. Also good for teething.

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