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Avocado - A Great Source Of Healthy Fats

Avocado - A Great Source Of Healthy Fats

An avocado is botanically considered a fruit and a great nutritious choice! Avocado works well in a wide variety or recipes - diced on top of english muffins, incorporated into a salad or mashed into a guacamole dip. 

A single ounce serving of avocado (about 1/5 of an avocado) contains 64 calories, about 6g of fat and almost 3g of fiber. It's nutritional profile is majority fat and contains extremely low levels of cholesterol. Since it's main macronutrient is fat, many people may prevent eating it to prevent gaining weight.

However, avocado is a great replacement for mayonnaise, butter or sauces in your burger or sandwich. They are full of healthy fats to keep you satiated! Fats are needed to absorb fat-soluble vitamins. They also help slow down the breakdown of carbohydrates, helping regulate blood sugar levels. 

Avocado is very beneficial to include in your diet due to it's source of vitamins C, E, K and omega-3 fatty acids! 

Ways to incorporate avocado into your meals:

1. Mash avocado on toast.
Instead of using butter, replace it with mashed avocado! If desired, add a fried egg, pepper & red pepper flakes for a delicious savory protein-packed breakfast. 

2. Use avocado in replacement of mayonnaise or spreads in sandwiches.
Slice up or mashed some avocado in your sandwiches for a kick of healthy fats and creaminess instead of using mayonnaise or other spreads. 

3. Incorporating it in salads.
Chop up avocado and mix it with some tomato, onion and lettuce. Add salt, pepper, lime juice and olive oil for a quick refreshing salad! Avocado can basically be added to any salad! 

4. Garnish on top of soup.
Add some sliced avocado on top of a warm bowl of soup for some extra flavor! Chicken tortilla soups or bean soup work very well wth avocado. 

5. Make guacamole.
Mash some avocado, add in salt, lime juice, chopped onions & cilantro for a delicious dip for those tortilla chips! 

I made an english muffin sandwich with spinach, watermelon radish, hardboiled egg, diced avocado & ricotta cheese! 

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