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Asian Spicy Chicken Tacos

Asian Spicy Chicken Tacos

It's almost #TacoTuesday! This taco recipe with an Asian twist is flavorful and healthy, full of fresh veggies and ingredients. It's also a fun way to be interactive with your food at the dinner table!



  1. Put a tbsp of olive oil into a pan and heat up the pan on the stove. Slice up the yellow bell pepper into strips. Put into the saucepan. After the pepper strips become soft and charred take them off the stove and put into a bowl and set aside.

  2. Put a bit more olive oil into the same saucepan and put it on medium. Once the oil warms up add the ground chicken. In a separate bowl mix all the spices then add the spices to the chicken. Then add the hoisin sauce. Stir the chicken up real well and let it cook until the chicken is cooked.

  3. Warm up tortillas over an open flame. If you don't have an open flame you can heat them up in a warm skillet.

  4. Time to put your tacos together. Add a scoop of the chicken meat mix, then some yellow peppers, top with green onions and cilantro. Squeeze some lime and add the chili garlic sauce

Original recipe by Eatin Asian for Milk and Eggs

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