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All Greens Kombucha Mocktail

All Greens Kombucha Mocktail

All greens kombucha! This mocktail is very quick to make and assemble and will be the perfect beverage to pair with your lunch! View the recipe below.

  1. Start by making your green juice in a blender or juicer with apple, mint, spinach, lemon, pineapple, cucumber. Add coconut water and filtered water. Drain out pulp and set aside. 
  2. Fill a cup with ice, pour in your kombucha, about 1/3rd cup to 1/2 cup and add in another few drops of coconut water, then the about 1/2 cup green juice and stir! You can adjust quantity of each depending on taste preference. Top with raspberries and mint for garnish, enjoy! 

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