3 Reasons Why You Need To Fully-Cook Fish

3 Reasons Why You Need To Fully-Cook Fish

It was a good day at the lake, you caught your limit by the afternoon. Now how are you going to cook it? Well no matter the type of fish you do need to fully cook the fish. You can tell when a fish is cooked by the meat. A raw fish is translucent in color but when cooked fully it turns opaque. If you are cooking the fish with the skin on wait until it turns brown and slightly pulls away. Fish should always be cooked thoroughly for many health reasons.

One reason you need to fully cook a fish is bacteria and viruses. The outside of the fish can have harmful bacteria. The bacteria is killed when the fish is fully cooked properly. The bacterium is found in consumers intestines and urinary tract. Which in turn can create infections in the skin, joints, brain and can even lead to meningitis.

A second reason to fully cook fish would be to prevent food poisoning. Food poisoning in raw fish is one of the more serious types of food poisoning. Food poisoning is a serious illness that may lead to hospitalization. Some symptoms include severe vomiting, diarrhea, and abdominal pain. One result of food poisoning from an uncooked fish is Salmonella and Vibrio Vulnificus. These types of food poisoning usually result in hospitalization as they are significantly more serious. Hospitalization time depends on the severity of the illness caused by the bacteria or virus.

The third reason to fully cook fish would be parasites. There is a higher risk rate for certain groups of people as well. Pregnant women, infants, and people with a compromised immune system or decreased stomach acidity are at a higher risk of a more serious reaction to uncooked fish. Some fish can have Anisakis simplex, parasitic roundworm. Within a few hours after consumption the parasitic worm tries to burrow in the intestinal tract. However the parasitic worm can't penetrate the wall so it dies. Creating an immune system reaction in your body that in turn blocks your intestinal tract. In turn causing any where from mild to serious complications.

Many restaurants do offer raw fish, you need to be aware of the possible dangers of eating raw fish. Most fish have a natural bacteria on their skin. But the meat of the fish can have parasites. Also eating raw fish can cause you to have a vitamin B1 deficiency. Vitamin B1 deficiency causes nausea, mild rash, restlessness feeling, and fever. There are a lot of different variables you need to take into consideration when deciding to eat raw fish. Cooking a fish thoroughly can destroy all the chemicals that can be hazardous to your body.

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