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Top 3 Veggies That're Good For Your Eyesight

Top 3 Veggies That're Good For Your Eyesight

There are many vegetables that work to improve eyesight or slow down degenerative eye diseases. Here are a few common vegetables that work for the vision, and a few serving suggestions to help fit them into your daily diet.

Leafy Greens

Any leafy green will do, but let's focus on just one powerhouse veggie that really puts it out there, Spinach. Yes, Popeye the Sailor Man was right. Eat your spinach, but maybe not straight out of a can like him. Try instead to eat it in a salad for example. If you were already going to order one, have a spinach base rather than lettuce base.

So what makes spinach, and other leafy greens, such great vegetables for your eyes? In a word, antioxidants. What does that mean. Well, we know oxidation by another term, on an old nail, we just call it rust. Although our insides don't turn brown, the same chemical breakdowns occur. Antioxidants like lutein and zeaxanthin, found in great quantity in spinach, have been shown to reduce the risk of age-related macular degeneration and cataracts.

Chili Peppers

That's right, you now have an excuse to enjoy your favorite spicy foods! Guilt free. So what makes chili peppers good for your eyes? Vitamin C. Usually we think of vitamin C in citrus fruits like oranges or grapefruit, but, it is also found, in abundance, in vegetables. That's good news for people with acne or other citrus-intolerant conditions.

What makes Vitamin C good for eyes? Besides powerful eye antioxidants like bioflavonoids, it helps to boost collagen production. Collagen is found in the cornea of the eye. Vitamin C keeps your eye running smoothly and helps prevent degenerative disease later.

My serving suggestion for those delicious peppers is to add them to anything you are cooking. If you like spicy, leave some of the seeds in, and if you don't take them out.


Science has long sung the praises of carrots as an eye enhancing superpower, but what makes these orange beauties so outstanding? Carrots are packed with beta-carotene, a type of vitamin-A that helps the retina run smoothly. So, what's my serving suggestion for these? Take the spinach, the peppers, some cut up carrots, and a few other veggies and make an awesome stir-fry. Not only will it look appealing to your eyes, it will keep your eyes looking and working just as great.

Your eyes are very important and as you get older, your eyesight will start to diminish. By eating the right veggies, as well as doing other proper eye care maintenance, you can keep your sight at a high level for a longer period of time as you age.

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