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10 Easy Christmas Cookies to Make This Holiday

10 Easy Christmas Cookies to Make This Holiday

Cookies can be the perfect appetizer or dessert during holiday dinners. Everyone loves cookies and they're great to keep the crowd at bay or finish them off for the night. Here are 10 super easy cookie recipes you can whip together for any holiday party or dinner. 

  1. Simple Butter Cookies
    Food & Wine:
    These are amazingly simple cookies to make with only 4 ingredients! They have a long shelf life and are delicious. These are will easily appease any family and guests before or after the big feast. 
  2. Chewy Meringue Cookies
    Food & Wine: Forgotten Cookies
    These cookies are more on the exquisite side, but still relatively simple. Delightfully chewy and chunky, the hardest part is whipping the egg whites. Add extra flavor like chocolate chips or nuts for extra texture and flavor profiles. 
  3. Easy Sandwich Cookies
    Food & Wine:
    Sandwich cookies are very impressive but still simple to make. Illustrated are gingersnaps sandwiching lemon buttercream. But if you're looking for the easiest shortcut, use nuttela and make it a hazelnut cookie sandwich. These cookies are great as desserts and satisfy more major sweet toothes. 
  4. Amaretti Cookies
    Food & Wine:
    These Italian almond treats are a great little treat for snacking on before the big meals to keep the kids and adults at bay. These go great with a cup of black coffee or some bitter liquor. 
  5. Cookies for Cookie Cutters
    Food & Wine:
    This should be the first option we listed, as it's the simplest cookie to make. It can be any variation of cookies including sugar cookies, butter cookies, gingersnaps, gingerbread, whatever your heart desires. Simple add a cookie cutter after rolling it out and voila, stunning shaped cookies for all to enjoy. Add a little frosting for decoration and you have masterpieces ready to munch on. 
  6. Thumbprints
    Food & Wine:
    Thumbprints are a great way to add color and variety to the table and desserts. Illustrated is a twist on the traditional thumbprint by adding cardamon. Or another twist is the macaroon them with nuts and meringue. 
  7. Snowballs
    Food & Wine:
    Simple dough based cookies that are bite sized and easy to enjoy! Use real vanilla beans to add vanilla flavor and chopped nuts for a contrast in consistency. 
  8. Cocktail Cookies
    Food & Wine:
    Chocolate cookies with a kick! Slightly salted on top, add in some cayenne for a kick and you have a salty, spicy chocolate cookie. It's rich, but sassy in all the right ways! 
  9. Sugar-Crusted Chocolate Cookies
    Food & Wine:
    They look so decadent. Don't tell anyone they're from a can! Just slice, back and prepare the crust, either sugar or chocolate. The baking part is easy, how you design them is completely up to you! 
  10. Fudgy Chocolate Walnut Cookies
    Food & Wine:
    These are a classic. Completely doughless, they are dense and full of chocolate. Probably more suited or after dinner treats with coffee or tea (or milk for the kids) for those who are big on the sweets. 
Good luck and happy holidays! With the right foods and family, how could anything go wrong! For original article please refer to here

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