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3 holiday recipes you can make under $4 per serving

3 holiday recipes you can make under $4 per serving

3 of my favorite dishes! Take a look and give it a try! 3 easy and affordable recipes that will make everyone happy. Make them right and they'll be a delicious healthy option at your part this year. 

1. Deviled Eggs! 
this is one of my favorites all year long! Super easy to make and full of good fats and healthy cholesterol. Use organic eggs or grass fed for even health conscious option! 

2. Cauliflower Cheese 
What a great alternative for kids and adults alike to mac and cheese. Follow the directions but feel free to alter for amazing and mouth watering options. Cauliflower comes in many different versions and organic cauliflower as well. And mix up your cheeses for a different twist and extra depth! Cheese can make a world of difference! 

3. Winter Squash Puree
This is an awesome alternative to classically loved mashed potatoes. But much healthier and lower on carbs and starch. This can be done with a few different variations of squash and don't be afraid to experiment for different flavor profiles and textures.  And don't forget the also famous and healthy mashed cauliflower. :-) 

Happy holidays and good eating! For full recipes please visit here

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