5 Travel Tips for Healthy Holiday Vacationing

5 Travel Tips for Healthy Holiday Vacationing

5 simple tips for healthy travelling as you prepare for vacation this year! Here's a recap along with some of our own thoughts. 

1. Drink Green Tea - it's full of antioxidants, will help fight free radicals. And is a nice warm and hot drink to help keep your warm during the cold and will help with digestion. 

2. Embrace Digestive Enzymes - commonly referred to as pro-biotics. These little "good bacteria" help your digestive system and especially when you're travelling, these guys will help you through the good food (and the bad). Build up on this and you can avoid some travelling discomfort. 

3. Don't Overindulge (but still enjoy yourself) - We are all guilty of this! During vacation relax, enjoy yourself, but overindulging can result in stress and make returning from vacation more stressful and harder to adjust to when returning back. 

4. Exercise - We're not talking about a stressful and hardcore routine. You can be on vacation as well, but just stay active, make sure to get your cardio in. Or simply just walking around while you tour the city! Whatever it is, don't be a couch potato. 

5. Stretch - Simple stretching. We're not talking about Yoga, although a few postures wouldn't hurt. 10 to 15 minutes in the morning after waking and some light stretching before you go to sleep. This has proven to help with sleep and loosen your body during the following day. 

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