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5 Things That Begin Happening When You Juice

5 Things That Begin Happening When You Juice

When one hears the word “juicing,” the words “artisanal,” “hippie-stuff” and “break the entire bank” usually come to mind. It is no surprise that the medical benefits of juicing are catching on, and the marketplace is responding with cold-pressed juiceries that will cost you upwards of $7.00 a drink just to provide you with an item you could easily make in your own home.

Sticker-shock of pressed juiceries aside, juicing is often conflated with the idea that juicers are extremely difficult to clean and that the act of juicing itself is significant effort for minimal payoff, so when my partner decided to buy me a juicer for Christmas this year it was an opportunity to expand my palate and test my patience to see if this was a hobby I could keep up with.

One of the numerous things I was warned about before beginning to juice was that the trickiest part of juicing was remembering to stock my kitchen each day to juice the equivalent of at least two salads. Instead of reminding myself to go to the store each night after work, I used to send me a Farm Sampler bag that contained everything I would need for a full-week of juicing. It was delivered right to my door while I slept so that my day wasn’t interrupted in the slightest, but I was still ensuring that I stuck to my juice regime. After just seven days of juicing I had noticed a dramatic shift in my body and general health. Here are 5 things that will begin to happen to you when you start juicing more.

Your Body Will Detox


I’m going to level with you, the first day of juicing is both the best and the worst. You’re thrilled at the idea of putting so many nutrients into your body at once and simultaneously dealing with ridding your body of all the toxins. The first few days you may notice a change in your skin as it adjusts to all the natural sugars in the fruits you’re juicing.

You may also notice that you have to use the restroom more frequently and that you feel less hungry throughout the day as your body flushes itself out.

More Energy

It's no surprise that the more healthy nutrients that you put into your body, the more awake and alert you will feel. Within 5 days of juicing, I didn’t feel the need to reach for that 2nd cup of coffee as desperately as I was used to. Experimenting with what combination makes you feel the most alert is key, because your body knows best when it comes to what you need.

Here is a quick and easy recipe to start you off. This is what I make each morning to give myself a boost.

-1 package of blueberries
-1 Apple
- ½ Lime
- 4 Celery Stalks
- Pineapple/ Kiwi
- Half Ginger Root

That Glow

The beauty of juicing means that you’re able to hide heaps of healthy things without the bitter tastes they could usually be associated with. By juicing, I was consuming beets, which are high in Vitamin A, but I had gone most of my life without showing interest in eating beets in any form.

If you’re not into getting your greens, the key is to hide your favorite fruits in your juices to give them a sweeter and smoother texture. Without fail, any amount of greens with an apple and half a lemon added will lighten up the earthy taste that turns off so many people from juicing.

The further you get in your juicing journey, you will become more aware of what your body needs and responds positively to which allows you to custom other ingredients and supplements you’re using.

Paying More Attention to Your Diet

Green Juice

Perhaps the most clear change that will occur when you start juicing is that you’ll grow to be more conscious of the other habits in your life that are detracting from your overall health. As you begin to feel the positive effects of fueling your body with so many nutrients, older and negative eating habits will become more apparent to you.

The simple fact that you must hand select each ingredient in everything you juice makes you so much more cognizant of how your food is prepared and how many processed things we put into us each day. Since juicing means seeing every little item that goes into you, that same awareness will extend throughout the day and prompt you to reach for healthier items.

Better Habits Will Form

They say it takes 30 days to have a habit stick, but between the cathartic feeling that comes from pulverizing solid fruits and vegetables can only be described as therapeutic. Coupled with the numerous health benefits, I was hooked on juicing after only 7 days.

I felt more energized, more clear-headed, and my general sense of wellness had increased exponentially. With all the energy I had, I began going to the gym in the morning and reminding myself to drink lots of water to assist with the detoxification process.

For me, juicing represented a challenge and resulted in a lifestyle change. Because I was putting an effort to put goodness into my body, every other aspect of my life began to fall in line. Of course I’m not suggesting that juicing will completely rehaul your life, but it will make you so much more aware of the choices you make daily and how those choices affect the greatest tool you have: your body.

If you’ve ever been curious about juicing there has never been an easier time. The biggest struggle when it comes to juicing is having fresh ingredients on-hand at any time, and with Milk & Eggs all the hassle was removed so I could focus on bettering my life.

Author Shawn Binder

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