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5 Best Ways to Boost Your Immune System While Traveling

5 Best Ways to Boost Your Immune System While Traveling

I love traveling! It doesn’t matter if it’s in a car, on a plane, on the back of a donkey or aboard a gorgeous sailboat. What I didn’t love was how rundown I used to feel when I got to where I was going because I didn’t prepare and I didn’t take care of my body. My stomach was bloated. My skin was ashy AF, and I usually caught some sort of chest and or nose cold that I would have to spend a few days recovering from. Now, with 7 months under my belt dealing with life’s little (out of the box) speed bumps, I make every effort to boost my immune system, take extra good care of my tummy, keep my sanity in check (first priority) and keep my skin super hydrated and I want to share my tips for healthy travel with you.

1. Very first thing……CREATE A LIST.

This will keep you sane, I promise. It really works to write everything you think you need before the traveling even starts on a piece of paper. Either take a few minutes when you have some quiet time first thing in the morning. Or just start jotting things down as they come to you and keep the list handy so you can keep adding to it. By time it comes around to start packing you already know everything you need to pack and there’s really nothing to think about. Just follow the list. So much unnecessary stress is created before the traveling even starts by our own doing. I’m an avid list maker and have never understood the insanity of waiting until the last minute to pack and then being so frazzled that you can’t remember what to pack. Give your brain a break….create a list.


A week before you travel start filling up with probiotics and daily wellness shots to give your glorious temple (YOUR BODY) that extra boost. Most of us don’t do this on a regular basis which is why I recommend at least a week before you go so everything has time to set into your system. The wellness shots (an ounce a day will do) contain superhero ingredients that help regulate the body, like ginger, raw apple cider with mother, cinnamon, turmeric, cayenne pepper etc., The probiotic drinks (Bu Kombucha, Health Ade, Siggis) contain the “healthy” bacteria and billions of probiotics. If you eat a super healthy diet you should be getting a ton of immune boosting properties from food but a lot of us don’t follow a regimen consistently enough for our bodies to be in Superman mode all the time.


I do hydration face masks weekly and it helps a lot to combat the dry moisture sucking monsters from airplane travel. If this isn’t already a regular part of your face care regime, don’t worry – there’s still time. Grab a few masks and use one the night before, one on the plane, train or automobile and one once you get settled into wherever you are going. It doesn’t matter how you travel your face will get dry. You’ll also want to pack a hydrating mist. This has been a lifesaver for me and it’s for guys too btw. I also recommended using a serum the night before any travel in place of nightly moisturizer. It gives your skin that extra hydration it needs to stay ahead of the game. Results…moist, dewy, gorgeous skin. First impressions are everything and you never know who you’ll meet when you travel.


Now before you fly make sure to stock up on healthy snacks. Almonds, jerky, pre-cut apples and easy open peanut butter packets. The point of this preparation is so you aren’t tempted to grab a bite at the airport when you start smelling all the food in the air from the food court. Don’t forget you’re getting ready to get on a plane and your stomach will more than likely bloat from the greasy, fat and calorie loaded options, that you don’t have to take advantage of because you came prepared. Chicken of the Sea tuna “to go” is another healthy snack option that is geared towards people on the go and was specially created to not smell like fish. You know when you sit next to someone on the plane and they bust out with some crazy ethnic, looks so good but smells so bad bowl of yum? YOU won’t be that person. Disclaimer…I have been that person. It never gets old when I have to pretend that I didn’t know fish sauce smelled so bad. Whoopsie!


I know this may seem embarrassing but it’s a good idea to bring a face mask with you. You might see people wearing them and either say to yourself….why didn’t I think of that, WOW! crazy person (as you give them a side eye)…or…..OMG Like I JUST CAN’T believe they’re wearing that. Last time I checked (which was on Greys Anatomy last Thursday) most doctors wear face masks and well…I don’t think I need to explain that one – remember #McSteamy? Yeah….me too! The masks come in all different colors, shapes, sizes and designs. Be an advocate for healthy trends. It’s sexy! Plus you are less likely to get sick, so there’s that.

When traveling by boat, plane, train or automobile just try and keep the same regime because traveling anywhere usually throws our bodies out of whack. Consistency is key! Happy travels!

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