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4 Ways Meal Prep Makes You A More Productive Person

4 Ways Meal Prep Makes You A More Productive Person

Senior year of college I lived with a man that looked like a tree. It was not only that he was tall and as wide as a linebacker, but the sheer amount of food he needed to eat in order to maintain his size was astronomical. As someone who had never meal prepped or even considered getting in the gym to gain pounds and pounds of muscle, I was intrigued by the seemingly long process and dedication of cooking all your meals at once. When I started warming up to him I would ask him questions such as “what do you eat to get all that muscle?” His answer? Everything.

At the beginning of each Sunday, he would bogart the oven and cook massive amounts of chicken, veggies, and rice, in order to get him through his two workouts per day, classes, and a job. When I first observed this, I had no idea how someone could be so sure of what they’d want to eat for seven days straight. However, after I began using Milk & Eggs, I noticed that I was able to buy healthy food in bulk and have it delivered right to my doorstep; it was time for me to start meal-prepping to see what all the excitement was about.

Although it was difficult to get into the habit of placing hours on a given day to do most/ all of your cooking for the week, I found meal prepping to be one of the biggest boosts to my productivity levels. Here are the four things I found out about meal prepping that make a strong case for anyone wanting to have more freetime to take up.

You can grab and go

One of the more beautiful parts of meal prep is that when life gets hectic, you don’t need to sacrifice food that tastes delicious and is healthy for you. When you take a few hours here and there to prep a delicious and tasty meal it frees you up to focus on other aspects of your life; like letting yourself hit that snooze button a few more times. When you have control over what you’re eating, it gives you the freedom to go about your day without having to stop at McDonalds for lunch, and it prevents you from making quick and unhealthy food choices because you’re in a rush.

You end up using all of your food

I couldn’t tell you how many times I’ve started my week off feeling ambitious to cook every night of the week, only to have most of my groceries go back before i’ve used them all. When you meal-prep, you’re consciously cooking for your entire week; this means that you’re conditioning your brain (and your wallet) to see your week in terms of entire meals, and thus you have a better understanding of how much food you need each week and when you’ll eat it. When you have every bit of food accounted for, you’re able to go into your grocery store with the confidence that you won’t be throwing your money into the trash bin.

You become more conscious of your health

When you’re planning your meals out days in advance, there is little time to give into temptation or deviate from the plan. If you do end up grabbing a snack outside of your prepared meals, you’ll be far more aware of it. If you’re not actively taking note of what you eat and when, it is easy for a lot of smaller, unhealthy snacks to add up to a not-so-healthy day. But when you’re making clear and decisive decisions about what you’re putting into your body and when, you’ll begin to notice other unhealthy habits in your life that you’ll want to work towards including.

You have more time & money to accomplish your goals.

When you’re not having to grab unhealthy items on the go that add up to be costly, in addition to not having to rush to cook meals when you’re home, you’ll find out just how much free time you end up having. You’ll find that when you remove the stress of eating and cooking every day that your productivity levels will soar.

Have you had success with meal prepping? Let us know in the comments!

Original post by Shawn Binder

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