4 Easy Snacks to Boost your Brain Power

4 Easy Snacks to Boost your Brain Power

When you’re on the move, making sure that your body is fueled can be tricky; what can be even trickier is ensuring that your mind is getting all the nutrients it needs to function at a high level. It is easy to forget that it matters more what type of food you put into your body, instead of just making sure its fed. However, when you’re running at 100 MPH as we all feel like we do, making healthy choices when it comes to snacks can be difficult. While those french fries from the drive-thru may look easy, they’re giving your body a temporary energy rush, with starches being turned into sugar which will eventually make the body crash. If you’re a busy person with not a lot of time to spend on snack preparation, here are four simple and easy solutions. Every snack suggestion below is packed to the brim with nutritious things you body needs to run sustainable energy that won’t leave you feeling burnt out and exhausted again in a few hours. If you’re a person who can’t afford to be running on empty, your snack savior is here. 

DIY Trail Mix

All you need are pretzels, dark chocolate chips, peanuts/ walnuts / etc, and whatever dried fruit you enjoy. Mix them all up in a big bowl and you have a quick snack that is packed with Omega-3s, good carbs, and protein that will help keep you fueled throughout the day. Also, this snack is a personal favorite for anyone with a sweet tooth because while the dark chocolate may seem like an indulgence, in moderation it is very healthy for you and won’t give you the sugar crash usual milk-chocolate will!

 P&B Toast

A twist on a classic! Grab some whole-wheat bread, toast it, add some peanut butter and slices of banana on top and you have a complete and delicious snack that will kick that 2PM slump to the curb. The protein from the peanut butter coupled with the potassium of the banana will help curb hunger pains and bring your brain the power it needs to make it through the day.

Hard Boiled Eggs

Do you have 5 minutes in the day? Then you have time to make one of the most protein-packed snacks your brain can use! All you need is boiling water and eggs in order to make sure you’re energized throughout the day. Salt / Pepper to taste! Your brain will thank you.

Guacamole and Whole Grain Chips

For a snack that so many people seem to love, I’m always surprised by how many people are intimidated to make guacamole. All you’ll need to make your own guac is 1-2 ripe avocados, a lime, a jalapeno (finely chopped), cilantro, and any other veggies you want to add into the mix! Mix in some salt & pepper and mash all your ingredients into a bowl!

Just like that you have a snack that is primarily composed of some of the best fats you could put into your body- avocado fat! This delicious snack will keep your brain focused during those long all-staff meetings-- plus! As you improve on your own recipe, the more you’ll be a hit at all the social gatherings you’re invited to!

Do you have your own simple, healthy & easy brain-snack suggestion? Sound off the in comments below!

Credit to: Shawn Binder, @notbinder


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